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Almost every product, item, and commodity is distributed and sold to its end-customers in packaging. Consumer packaging could be defined as an “everyday product” since its contents are used in everyday life. In urban settings, this “usability” could include custom rigid boxes being handled in a store or brand outlet, at home, at work, on-the-go, etc. There are four main functions of custom rigid packaging, i.e., containment, protection, convenience/utility, and brand communication.

The product packaging is also one of the important factors in selling of any product. Moreover, it also replicates the quality of the product and the quality of your company. Like if your packaging is of high quality then a viewer can assume that the quality of the product is high too, and vice versa. 

Importance of Custom Rigid Boxes’ Usability 

A product’s usability occurs in its interface and interaction with the consumer during its usage period. This means that the products, suppliers, and brand-owners interact heavily with their consumers through consumer product custom rigid packaging. Each of these consumers’ interactions with the product is an opportunity to create a relationship upon the foundations of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to this, a dissatisfied consumer is unlikely to repurchase your product. Therefore, due to the fierce competition, various new product launches fail in the marketplace. The fact leaves no room for packaging that malfunctions or is difficult to understand and use. 

An interesting but challenging aspect of packaged consumer products is that while the point of purchase and the point of consumption are usually separate, quality perceptions are evaluated and experienced at both of these points. The packaging experts and the rigid box manufacturers USA call these consumption process points as “the first and second moments of truth.”

The First Moment of Truth

The first moment of truth deals with the ability of packaging to grab your consumers’ attention in an environment such as a supermarket before consumption. This is where the rigid box manufacturers USA must lay their focus on the design elements of custom rigid boxes. To attract the consumers’ attention, benefits or attributes like the size, patterns, design, shape, and color of the package are essential. The size, patterns, design and shape is something that you should choose carefully. This is because your product should be safe in the packaging e.g. if your product is in glass packing. Additionally, the packaging should be fully customer oriented. 

The first moment of truth also includes how consumers perceive and understand different aspects of the boxes’ information elements. In addition to this, information elements such as social profile links on your packaging can make the consumer trust more on your product. This also helps in the increase of your traffic on your profiles or platforms.

The Second Moment of Truth

The second moment of truth occurs when your consumers use the product. This moment can consist of a series of uses and reuses. During usage, key benefits are the actual handling of the product, its packaging, and its information. Functionality and user-friendliness, and convenience are the key aspects here. Along with the product your packaging should be user-friendly and reusable. Use the finest packaging material to convince the consumer.

 The wholesale rigid boxes must not only function efficiently but also clearly communicate the product’s usability instructions to people belonging to widely varying backgrounds. For example, mentioning the necessary precautions that a customer should take while using the product. Furthermore, it is useful for customers if you add, where and how to place or handle the product or; something like that. Moreover, differences in response due to gender, age, socio-economic background, mental ability, and manual dexterity must all be taken into account while designing the wholesale rigid boxes. 

Ensuring Consumers’ Convenience:

The Packaging Republic’s team believes that consumer package handling, outlining the physical design of the package and its entities. As well as the demands and preferences of the consumers, must be thoroughly considered while designing the perfect packaging boxes. As far as the functionality of the rigid packaging boxes is concerned, you can always test it before finalizing your packaging design.

For that, you can ask your packaging solutions provider for a physical sample of the packaging box. If the functionality is convenient, then you can tell your packaging company to create the boxes. In case of an issue or a problem, you can always change the design to ensure consumers’ convenience.

Similarly, there are many more companies providing packaging and printing services. However, you can’t trust anyone until unless you have researched about the company. And the products and services they are providing. This is because your packaging is the primary thing that will catch your customer’s attention. Therefore, it should be attractive and convictive enough to make viewers buy the product.

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