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Without new leads, you won’t be able to survive in this competitive business world. Especially in 2020, when every business is fighting to secure its place in the market, your leads and potential customers are your strength. As a online wholesale marketplace, you have little time or money to invest in lead generation. In this blog, we are going to discuss some strategies to create leads in your wholesale business.

Let’s Design Wholesale Lead Generation Plan

Let’s discuss and analyze some lead generation ideas you can use for your wholesale business.

Written Content

The content you publish on different websites for link building or your website is the backbone of your lead generation plan. Many companies claimed they generate and fill up their sales pipeline using their high-quality content material.

As a wholesale business, many companies ignore this idea. Only 9% of wholesalers reported using content as their marketing tool in order to excel. They claim that their business somehow depends on their content.

How to use this idea?

Now we have an idea, so let’s see how you can use it. It’s easy and requires little attention. Analyze market trends. Study your customers’ behavior. Unlike retailers, your target audience is very specific. Retailers and dealers differ from each other in terms of their own business. If you help them with their requirements they will feel connected to you and that’s all it takes to create new leads.

Not just blogging or posting is part of this content. Your web content should also be attractive. Introduce retailers and dealers to your business. Give a brief description of the product. Many wholesalers do not have enough content on their website. 32% of retailers say they leave incomplete and confusing business websites. They find it difficult to trust a business without the proper information.

Host a Webinar or Seminar

Hosting a joint webinar or seminar with the brands and your non-competitive business colleagues is one of the used strategies It helps you contact umpteen audiences. According to ElasticSales, they organized a joint webinar in February. Over 2000 people joined them and they created new leads.

Virtual seminars help businesses generate new sign up. As a wholesale business, it is easy for you to gather retailers and dealers. Invite them through email. Make calls to confirm their invitation. Make sure you can invite as many retailers as you can.

How to use this idea?

Retailers have little time so they usually try to ignore webinars and seminars if they don’t find it interesting. Before conducting, complete your research. Find out what problems and issues your potential customer is facing. Analyze it and check how can you help them resolve it.

Your primary aim is to build that trust bridge between you two that connects you with them for a long period. Recommend products in trends and quantity they should buy to maintain their stock. Tell them how wholesaling can help them. Answer their queries. Give them something they cannot refuse.

Ensure Your Digital Presence

Your digital presence ensures new leads for your wholesale business. Your digital business earns your business even when you are sleeping or away for some personal tasks. Stay before your target audience all the time. Make sure you build an attractive website for your business. A user-friendly and detailed website is the need of your wholesale business.

Use social media to reach your target audience. Many retailers use these forums to search for the business.

An online wholesale marketplace is another way to generate new leads and increase your sales. This online wholesale market connects you with other businesses. This connectivity is one of the biggest sources to generate new leads.

How to use this idea?

Create a luring website. Introduce your business and products briefly. Allow your customers to make purchases online. Facilitate them with easy and quick payment and order process. Choose an appropriate online wholesale marketplace and sign up. Exhibit your products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join Quora as many businesses use it as a forum to discuss their issues. Every digital channel is a source, use it wisely and to the fullest.

If you want to share your ideas and strategies to increase leads, you are welcome. We would love to hear your success story.

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