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In the old days, foods are cooked in simple and easy ways. Flavors then come from the primary ingredient of the food. Added flavors come from natural herbs like thyme, spices, salt as well as peppers. The play of flavors in those days of cooking is plainly natural; but the sweet appreciation of the people who partake of the food is as grand as the sweet harmony of its natural essence.

But with the coming of the new times, where discoveries can be seen here and there; the sweet harmony of the foods natural combination’s are altered with modern seasonings and artificial flavorings that indeed add flavor to the food.

Yes the old days of cooking is good, considering that little amounts of cholesterol and calories can be derived from the ingredients; But the world wants more, a heightened play of sweet, sour, and spicy flavorings is combined with the natural flavor of the main ingredient.

Indeed the new age of cooking is sumptuously flavorsome, but the added preservatives and artificial flavorings alter the essence healthy cooking. Thus high cholesterol emerged. High Cholesterol Causes many kinds of degenerative diseases like the dreaded Heart Disease. Because of this, heart attack cases were born. Thus countless Heart Surgery victims rise to worldly recognition.

But let us dig in further to some heart attack warning signs, they are as follows. Chest Discomfort – Most of the recorded heart attacks involve discomfort in the middle of the chest that lasts for a few minutes or it recurs every now and then. The feeling may vary from a squeezing feeling or pain itself.

Shortness of Breath – this may come with or without the discomfort of the chest. Discomfort in the upper area of the body – In here pain or discomfort can be felt in the arms; both, or one of the arms. Other areas include the back, the neck and the jaw. But to remedy such problems, here also are some recommended and useful information for patients or victims of heart surgery.

Here are some Heart Surgery Diets. This diet includes Fruit Diets like sweet potatoes and fresh fruits. Carrots, pumpkins and squash are also beneficial to the patient. The patient should also cut back or minimize on sugar and sweets. Sugar must also be put into consideration when you have such degenerative disease; Next to salt, sugar consumptions is considered as the second biggest enemy if you have just been to a post-heart surgery.

One of the foods that heart surgery patients can eat is fat free turkey breast. The important thing is to avoid the fat so as to avoid cholesterol. Onions and Garlic can also be eaten, as well as whole wheat breads. Another thing that needs consideration is “VARIATION”. Facts are when you eat the same food everyday; you get sick and tired of eating the same food over and over again.

Make sure that you rotate the menus that you have, this goes on a weekly and daily basis. Lastly when you just have a heart surgery, make sure you avoid meats with high percentage of fat, Red Meats and hydrogenated oils must be avoided. Whole Milk with 1-2% should be avoided as well.

Be attentive to the advice of your physician. This is of critical importance. The advices that your doctor will give is your next best friend and the instructions that he/she will say must be the followed religiously. The food we eat can cause heart diseases, and if taken for granted may lead to serious cases like heart surgery if left untreated.

With this useful information’s, Heart Surgery patients can have a higher percentage of survival and they may again see the brighter side of life. Life goes on even after a heart surgery; it must not stop there, with a good amount of support, balanced lifestyle and these insightful tips, you can still have a life.


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