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Many people start their day at work from the moment they turn on the computer, but have you ever thought that the discomfort at work, such as eye fatigue and even sensitive and itchy skin, may also be the fault of the computer?

Eye fatigue
long-term close contact with the terminal screen, poor screen design, excessive reflected light, or too large a difference between the screen and the ambient lighting can cause eye strain.

Symptoms include: red eyes, itching, dryness, difficulty in focusing, and double images of objects. After looking at the screen for a long time, the edges of objects will be blurred when looking at other things.

Improve methods

  • The eyes should be given a reasonable rest time, such as a 5-minute break for every hour of continuous computer operation.
  • Choose a good screen or add a filter barrier.
  • Reorganize the indoor lighting system to reduce the degree of backlighting or inconsistent light and darkness.
  • Install a filter in front of the computer screen to prevent reflected light.
  • Install auxiliary lighting equipment to supplement the lack of light sources.
  • Arrange work items of different nature, such as telephone contact or search file records, etc. in the computer operation time to reduce eye fatigue.

Skin rashes
Pimples, pimples, itching or redness and swelling on the face or other parts of the skin of computer users are believed to be related to the fact that the fingers often touch the keyboard that is easy to hide dust and then touch the face or skin. In addition, indoor humidity is too low and Work pressure is also related.

Prevention method

  • To ensure that the relative humidity in the working environment is not too low, place a small glass of water in a safe place.
  • Wash your hands after using the keyboard, keep the keyboard clean, and clean up the accumulated dust.


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