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Valentine’s week is going on and we are almost through Romantic Gifts. You must have already exchanged your love in the form of chocolates, teddies and stuff like that. Well, here is another thing that you can exchange as a form of love. It is not something as materialistic as you have purchased till now, but it is more practical.

I’m talking about promises. Promise day is another day incorporated in valentine’s week that is celebrated on the 11th of the month of Feb. well, I think that promise day actually stands out from the rest of the day because the day has meaning to it. Sure teddies and chocolates are great, but have you ever felt that feeling when someone makes a promise of forever with you? The feeling is priceless and you feel much more special. 

Promise day is a chance to show your partner how much you care and that you will always stick around them. The essence of this day depends on how you want to celebrate it. To the people who have messed it up in the past, it is a perfect chnag=ce to make up and promise that you will never repeat it again. Now, your promise can be anything from “I will love you forever” or “I will always laugh at your jokes. To prove the deal, I have got a list of online gifts for him and her. 

Fresh flower bouquets

Nothing can be more romantic, promising, an idea for an event like promise day. So, I have to put flowers on the top of the list. Well. When talking about making promises to your partner, all you need is a simple gift that seals the promise and put a little weight on your promise. A flower bouquet is a simple option but has so much more meaning to it.

Flowers actually speak a lot of words on your behalf. Yes, if you didn’t know, flowers are known to express meanings to each other. So, you will easily find a flower bouquet that truly sticks to the theme of promise day. Of course, your promises are the steal, but the flower will add on what words would fail to express. That is why they say “say it flowers” because it makes everything much more special. 


Okay, to be honest, cakes have nothing to do with the promises you are going to make. But it is still on the list because you are celebrating an important day and where there is a celebration, there ought to be a cake. You can start with cutting the cake and then further go on to the important part.

You can even deliver a cake at midnight to mark the start of the day as it will be ideal online gifts for girlfriend, husband, wife, boyfriend. When you are done with the process of making promises with each other, you can treat each other with a piece of cake. Make the celebration worth remembering but cutting a cake of promise day. It is just like marking the celebration and of course, a piece of cake will make our promises much sweeter. 

Mug set

You can buy a couple gift as well. A couple of romantic gifts is something that comes in a set, so your partner can keep one piece and you can keep the other one. Consider a mug set that consists of two mugs, for each one of you. Buy two identical mugs or the ones that complete each other. 

A ring 

We all know the purpose of exchanging rigs, right? Nothing seals the deal quite like rings. I mean rings are the most common thing people exchange when they promise each other to love forever and stay with each other forever. So, if you want something that is really very meaningful and shows that you are very serious about the day, you can get a ring for your bae.

Present them the ring of promise that is a forever romantic gifts. A ring will stay with them forever and they can wear it on a daily basis as well. Also, rings hold so much more important than you can think, consider it a very precious gift.  

These are some romantic gifts idea that you can give your partner on promise day. 

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