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An intensive yoga teacher training course is a short-term course that helps people who are looking forward to becoming a professional yoga teacher. This course helps these people to know all the basics of yoga, ins and outs of performing different poses, and the spiritual background of yogic knowledge. 

This is a crash course that can prepare you to take the first step towards teaching yoga. There are a lot of benefits of this course, this helps you know what is right and wrong in a yoga pose. How to make students do yoga poses easily. Also, how to teach the students about the benefits of yoga and every pose that is being done in a daily routine of yoga practice. This course is an excellent choice for a beginner teacher, but you cannot be certified based on this course. And there are some reasons for that. 

Why can’t you be certified after 4 weeks of yoga teacher training course?

Below is the explanation about why you can’t be certified after a 4 week of yoga teacher training course. 

1) Yoga is not about Just Asanas:

Yoga is not just about doing some asana, there is a whole science behind every step you perform. And 4 weeks is not enough for everyone to learn all that. So, most of the yoga teachers would only learn to perform a pose, or asana, while skipping everything else because this is a short term course, and students these days prefer practical work over real knowledge. 

2) 4 weeks are not enough to learn all:

To learn all the theory, and science behind the yoga and yoga practices 4 weeks is not enough that is why teachers cannot be certified after just four weeks of training. A teacher that has only trained for 4 weeks would know nothing about safety during a pose, or why a certain pose is done in a certain way. 

3) Spiritual Awakening is required:

For a yoga teacher, it is very important to have a spiritual awakening. Without it, the knowledge, theory, and practice of yoga is nothing but just an exercise. Spiritual awakening is the awakening of mind and soul, that allows humans to interpret and influence the energies inside them using yoga practice. And for a true teacher is one of the major requirements. 

4) Teachers should have mastered at least one form of yoga:

There are a lot of forms of doing yoga, but the psychology behind all is the same. That is why it is important that a teacher at least has mastered one. If a teacher has mastered one form of yoga, he/she can teach this to others but if he/she has not mastered it, he/she must not teach. 

That is why a 4 weeks course is not enough for yoga certification to maintain this standard. It is very important to maintain a standard for teaching yoga to students. This will help students learn better and also will help teachers to teach when they have mastered yoga.

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