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All religions of the world have prohibited Extramarital Affairs. There are strict prohibitions in this regard. Even for those who do this, there is a severe punishment. There must be a reason behind this provision. And the reason is to keep oneself away from social, religious and mental decay.

There are many men in our society who form love relationships only for the purpose of sexual intercourse or extramarital affairs and do not want to take the responsibility of the relationship when the work is done. It’s not that women don’t do that, but the number of such women is relatively low.

The fear is that many young girls nowadays consider this kind of extramarital affair to be modern. But the problem that arises as a result of the physical relationship before marriage, the women are pohate! So be careful and find out about the unwanted problems.

Unwanted Pregnancy –

The most horrible problem that can happen in a physical relationship before marriage is an unwanted pregnancy. Lack of prior planning for contraceptive use, sudden sexual intercourse due to emotion, etc. are some of the reasons for this.

Girls usually show signs of physical contact. Whether a girl has had sexual intercourse can be detected through medical examination, but boys do not. In the same way, only girls have to go through all the problems of pregnancy. As a result, women have to be criminals to their families, society and themselves.

Risky abortion – Extramarital Affairs

If you become pregnant as a result of sexual intercourse before marriage, then there is no other way but to have an abortion. Abortion is a risky process. It causes physical damage as well as mental damage. Abortion can cause a variety of physical problems, including excessive bleeding. It also has long-term consequences.

Such as having problems in later pregnancy or not being able to conceive etc. If a miscarriage occurs before the first child is born, then in most cases there will be problems in conceiving a child. The psychological damage of abortion is no less. Many lose their children and become emotionally drained. Many even become deranged.

Birth control pills and other risks –

Many people take birth control pills or other medications before marriage because of physical contact or sexual intercourse . Frequent use of birth control pills can prevent unwanted pregnancies but can also cause serious problems. One of these is the loss of fertility.

Taking the pill for a long time before the first child is born can put you at risk for later pregnancies, as well as recurrent miscarriages. Hormonal problems, obesity, loss of appetite, inability to produce children, etc. can also occur.

Risks of engaging in physical contact at an early age –

From adolescence onwards, adolescents are attracted to physical matters. As a result, they tend to get involved in physical relationships without thinking about love. But the consequences of physical contact at an early age can be fatal.

This can lead to sexually transmitted infections, cancer and other terrible diseases. Especially young girls are under threat. The risk of cervical infection and cervical cancer is highest.

Emotional Fear – Extramarital Affairs

Having sex before marriage means having sex for the first time. In the context of our country, this work is done by couples in secret, which later becomes a cause of emotional fear or disorder for a woman. Especially in many cases, the lovers get together by applying pressure on the underage lover.

Later, when the relationship broke down, it put a lot of stress on these girls, which gradually turned into disorder. Such as reluctance or fear about the body, fear of marriage, hatred or fear towards men, etc. As a result, love can be broken, just as marriage can be broken.

Problems in marriage after marriage –

If you have a physical relationship with your boyfriend before marriage, there may be many problems in the marital life . Women are the object of mistrust of the husband. Even if she is married to her boyfriend, she can make all kinds of accusations, she can doubt the character.

During the quarrel, you may say in words that since he had a physical relationship with her before marriage, he may have had many more. In short, in every position of marriage, a woman may have to listen to all kinds of harsh words.

Loss of attraction in marriage –

Since there is a physical relationship with the husband before marriage, many people can lose the attraction in married life. Husbands and wives do not get anything new from each other, so the tone of the breakup can sound about marriage.

Many people get involved in a physical relationship thinking that a strong bond has been formed by completing the engagement or ring exchange. After the engagement, there is a risk of breaking up the marriage, along with the fear of the marriage becoming unattractive.

Social Harassment –

If you know about the physical relationship before marriage, women become victims of various kinds of abuse. Society sees him as a criminal. His life became poisonous. The consequences can be devastating if you have an unwanted pregnancy and find out about it.

The girl becomes socially isolated. Family, relatives, friends all walk away, looking at him with sinful eyes. As a result, it becomes impossible to spend the rest of one’s life properly.


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