Malwarebytes is one of the best-known security programs. Users often install this software as an additional security feature. The setup of Malwarebytes is very easy to use and configure. This program is more known for PUPs removal as it can detect and remove all the PUPs from the system at a very good rate. It also provides internet security features on the premium plans. But while scanning the system, few users get the Unable to Connect error message on the screen. 

Reasons for getting the Malwarebytes error

  1. Malwarebytes setup is outdated
  2. Your Malwarebyte plan is not compatible
  3. System files are showing some errors
  4. Device junk interrupting Malwarebyte services
  5. Your other antivirus is conflicting with Malwarebyte
  6. Some Malwarebyte registry files get corrupted

Troubleshooting Unable To Connect Malwarebytes error

Restart your device

Whenever your Malwarebyte shows the connection error then immediately restart the system. Now tap on the Malwarebytes icon and go to its dashboard. Hit on the scan button and check the connection. When Malwarebyte is showing the same error then you should check for the other methods.

Update your Malwarebytes

Users can get the Malwarebytes cannot connect to service error when the setup is not running correctly. If the setup is not up-to-date then many of the functions of the program will not work correctly. Users need to update their security programs whenever available. After updating the antivirus; many of the functions will start working. Restart the PC and now check for the OS update. Run the system update and then reopen your Malwarebytes.

Install the compatible setup for Malwarebytes

When the antivirus is not running then inspect all its requirements. If the setup is not compatible then getting the error code is common. The user has to remove that program and then find the compatible setup. Check all your features and then go to the Malwarebyte website. Search for a setup whose requirements match the device’s specifications. Now install that setup on the system. Now the user can run the antivirus on his device to remove all the threats. 

Repair the corrupted registry files

When your Malwarebytes-related registry files are not working; it program won’t connect to the service. Users need to repair all those files to fix the service error on Malwarebytes. For fixing the corrupted registry files, the user will require technical knowledge. You can also ask the professional for repairing the corrupted registry files. But users can easily get the backup keys of Malwarebytes registry files. Getting the backup keys helps in preventing errors. The user has to open his registry editor. A list of registry files will be displayed. Now click on the files which are related to the error (Malwarebytes registry files). Save them using the .reg extension and then save them to the desktop. Now go to the computer and repair those corrupted files. After repairing those files; your Malwarebytes will start working correctly.

Check for another antivirus

When your other antivirus is conflicting with Malwarebyte then check for its settings. People can use another security software with Malwarebytes after changing the setting. Conflict error occurs when both programs are accessing the same file. To prevent this, Malwarebyte provides a disabling function. Users can disable the tools on Malwarebyte which they don’t want to run. You have to check the features of another antivirus. Now open Malwarebyte settings pages and disable those functions. Restart Malwarebytes to apply the changes and now try the program.

Delete your junk files

Removing the junk from the system can resolve many device errors. When the junk files increase on the device; they start corrupting other functions. You have to delete all those files which are corrupting your Malwarebyte functions. Firstly open the temporary files folder to remove the junk. Users can also check the drives for unused folders and files. The easiest method to remove the junk is by running the junk cleanout service. On Windows, you can run the cleanmgr which can list out whole junk files of the device. Check the whole list and select to delete items. Now restart the device and try to connect the service to Malwarebytes.

Repair Malwarebytes program files

The program files of your Malwarebyte can get corrupted due to various causes. The user has to fix those files to troubleshoot the error. When the user can’t edit those files; he can reinstall the setup. Delete the installed Malwarebyte setup and then reinstall a new program. Now run the new Malwarebytes setup and inspect for the service error. 

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