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The packaging is one of the basic marketing components that always have a ripple effect. You end up receiving much more than you spent on the boxes. Custom Kraft boxes can be your additional gadget in diverting customers’ attention to your brand image and revamp it.

Impressive boxes are prone to draw bigger sales as compared to unimpressive ones that majorly go unnoticed. Even though the boxes can be your greatest marketing tool, this aspect of barding is not considered very important by some businesses and this can be the cause of their downfall.

Almost all industries require their sellers to give considerable importance to their packaging. This can be due to several reasons. Such as:

  • A lot of rival brands. This makes it imperative to have differentiated packaging boxes.
  • Need to deliver the products safely. Sensitive and fragile items need proper packaging to travel en route to long destinations.
  • Making the products seem fit for purpose. The boxes can greatly enhance the appeal of the products so clients take a high interest in them.

Many firms place marketing on top of their agendas because, with effective promotional skills and tools, your brand image can reach your intended customer demographic. The list of benefits from well-crafted boxes is endless. But how do you create the perfect look? Here are 3 basics that you must cover to sculpt the perfect box with Kraft cardstock.

Custom Kraft boxes

Keep the product in mind

Your most important asset is your products. With considerable investment and time spent in manufacturing them, you don’t want to lose out on selling them in high quantities. Hence, the first step is to know your products well so the boxes fit with them effortlessly. Kraft paper is flexible in its capacity to be shaped according to the products. There are numerous forms in which you can attain this material including:

  • Auto-lock
  • Display boxes
  • Folding style
  • Gable boxes
  • Sliding drawers
  • Mailer boxes, and more

You can pick an appropriate box style considering your products and the nature of distribution. This helps to make the Kraft cardstock dually work for you; one by being molded into your preferred shape and second, to be recognized for housing the products strongly.

Kraft paper is popular for delivering items in good forms. The same box can be used to display the products too. So, making them adhere to your brand values is a good way of promoting the brand image while keeping the items intact.

Noteworthy features

What makes a box tick?

Undoubtedly it is the way it looks.

Most products sell in high volumes just because they appeal strongly to the buyers. The outer covering either makes the brand or erases it from the people’s memories. If you want to be among the former ones, your boxes must resonate with the customer demands and expectations.

The perfect packaging is one that nicely portrays your products and elucidates them. Printing on custom Kraft boxes enables them to be educational and impressive at the same time. With embossed features and technical perfection, your boxes can look smarter and more relevant.

The customers look for important details on the products. Some regulatory bodies have made certain info mandatory for display. Seeing these on your products’ packaging would surely attract more eyeballs. Your buyers can stop and take a closer read of the boxes when they hold valuable details about the products. These can comprise:

  • The components used for manufacturing
  • Relatable colors that represent the products better.
  • Accessories like handles on top, side lock, better finishing’s, and laminations can all contribute well.
  • Elucidate on the products’ uses.
  • Make the items appeal to the specific customer requirements by mentioning them on the boxes.

Kraft stock is sturdy to withhold all kinds of printing inks and graphics. Your boxes can look a million bucks when these add-ons grace them.

Package to match with the brand’s personality

This is the most crucial aspect of box designing. Your ideology as a brand must reflect through the boxes for customers to be intrigued by it.

From letting the boxes be printed with engaging patterns that tell them of the brand image, to captivating tag lines, all can help to make a memorable first contact with customers. Whether you ship items or send them to retailers, the customers’ attention can be effectively diverted with the help of bespoke boxes. They cater to the precise needs of the brand and fill any communication gap between the buyers and seller.

Moreover, the Kraft stock is highly regarded as being a favorable form of packaging due to its re-useable capacities. Customers would be persuaded to buy your products when they see them engulfed in such material. Kraft has many other advantages:

  • It is readily available as the paper is recycled.
  • It is relatively cheaper to attain. This lowers the packaging and distribution costs.
  • The material is moldable in many forms, thus saving on acquiring multiple coverings for your products.

These are just some of the vast positives of crafting the boxes with such material. Your brand can become a symbol of sustainable packaging when the clients buy them more than the other choices.

The brand image can be reworked which can boost the products’ prominence and make them more desirable. Kraft stock looks premium and its basic texture reminds the buyers of its eco-friendliness. Such boxes look unique and will extend the same attributes to your products too.

After spending much energy and costs on obtaining the right items, your brand must be elevated through complimenting boxes for them to recover these investments. Custom Kraft boxes are the right partner if employed wisely. Your brand recognition and identity can become more popular. With custom cutouts, hang tabs, perforations, and many more customizations, your products can become fast-sellers instantly.


We have boxes made of Kraft just for you. Treat your viewers with appealing boxes that convey effectively your brand ethos and create happy customers!

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Packagingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for Custom Printed Boxes, Custom Product Boxes & Packaging, Custom Food Packaging and other packaging services. Packagingblue has absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We offer volume discounts and special perks for our valued customers including free graphic design services, free lamination and free shipping.

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