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Tremendous growth has been seen in the usage of CRM software. This growth is because of the businesses that are using CRM software and given their employees easy access to the software from anywhere through smartphones.

Those who have used this technology have seen a huge improvement in the meeting of sales quota and implementation of CRM software by employees. The use of CRM software on mobiles has been increased and CRM is now the heart of every growing business. According to research, 90% of the companies that have more than 10 employees use CRM software.

What is the Reason for the Growth of CRM Software?

CRM helps in building a strong relationship with customers and provides the best customer experience. In past, only large-scale businesses could afford CRM software, and at that time it was complicated to learn and implement.

Today, businesses of any level have access to CRM software. Different options of CRM software are available that are affordable and easy to use. This software involves using technology to automate or organize sales, marketing, and customer services. Microsoft CRM systems, ZOHO, Salesforce, Nutshell, and Oracle NetSuite are examples of CRM software.

These are some popular software that is affordable and efficient. However, there are many properties of CRM software and because of the benefits that come with it, it has been growing vastly.

Reasons for the Continuing Rise in Popularity of CRM Systems among Businesses

CRM software is becoming more common because of the features, this software provides. Different benefits come with CRM software. These properties of CRM software are

  • CRM software centralizes all of your data in one place so everyone at your company can easily access data or information they need from one platform. The information includes contact information, customer history, and history of communication.
  • CRM software helps in the fast selling of products. Entering data manually can be time taking while with the help of CRM, employees can spend less time on writing or typing, and more time on selling
  • CRM software helps in building a strong relationship with your customers. By having complete information about the customer, their behavior, their interests, and their activities, you can pursue opportunities at the right time.
  • CRM software helps in the increase of sales, marketing, customer services, customer support, and business leaders.

Growth Stats for CRM Software

A staggering growth has been observed in recent years in the CRM industry. Last year’s usage of CRM has been increased from 56% to 75%. This growth is because its users found great effectiveness in the system, which is why businesses are continuing to invest in CRM software.

Well, if you are planning to buy CRM software for your business, it is the right time for investing in this growing technology. This software can be accessed from anywhere and from the device of your choice, giving you staggering results for your business.

By Jake McCarthy

Jake McCarthy is a highly experienced product development manager at Dynamix Systems, UK. He encourages collaboration with cross-functional teams and strives to impeccably organize the steps of ideating, developing, and creating new products.

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