Porcelain tiles often used for flooring tiles due to their durability and easy maintenance. There is a variety of porcelain tiles for sale in the market or online. Although, it’s not a difficult task to keep porcelain tiles clean. However, sometimes due to its improper sealing, it becomes difficult to clean. Fortunately, there are still some tips to keep the porcelain tiles clean even if there are some tough stains.

Cleaning of porcelain tiles

Following are some of the tips to use while cleaning porcelain tiles.

Sweep the floor

Sweep the floor by using a vacuum or dry mop to remove all the dust from the floor. Try to use a microfiber mop for smooth cleaning. It won’t cause any scratch on the surface. Try to sweep properly in the corners to clean all the dust as corners contain an intense amount of dust.

Wet the floor

After sweeping the floor, wet it with hot water and remove the stains by using an old toothbrush. Try to scrub the damp surface in a circular motion. Water on the floor while scrubbing will prevent scratches whereas if you scrub on the dry floor it can cause scratches to the surface and harm its shine.

Apply a cleaning solution

You can use different types of cleaning solutions on the tile surface to make it clean from any stain.

  • If you prefer a natural solution, mix water in the vinegar by 1:1. Apply it on the floor by using a mop, let it stay for almost 5 to 10 minutes, mop again, rinse the water off to remove this solution from the surface. Vinegar is useful in removing stains and bad odor from the floor.
  • If you don’t want to apply the above remedy, you can go with a general cleaning solution. You can easily get it from a local hardware store nearby your home. It is necessary to test it before applying it on the whole floor, apply it on a small part of the floor and observe if it’s damaging the surface or not. Use it if it seems safe to the floor.
  • Baking soda is another useful cleaner to clean tough stains like a coffee stain. For this, sprinkle the soda on the stain, let it stay on it for few minutes, damp it with a moist cloth, and scrub it gently. It will surely remove the stain.


After applying the cleaner, mop the floor with warm water before it dries. If the cleaner dries before mopping, it will cause damage or a hard stain on the floor.

Dry the floor

Dry the floor by turning on the fan or by using a microfiber cloth. Don’t let any water droplets left on the floor. The water can result in a hard stain.

Final Words

If you clean the tiles properly and regularly, it will not take much more effort to clean stains. You can follow the above instructions to make your porcelain flooring looks new.

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