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Dubai is, undoubtedly, the dream destination for all! Rich or poor, no one can stop dreaming about visiting this beautiful land of riches! It is indeed, a true cosmopolitan city in the Arab world. There’s lot more stored in Dubai than just good food and awe-inspiring locations for travelers to enjoy.

Dubai has been on the top cards already when it comes to splendid tourist attractions and posh cards. And with the availability of pocket-friendly flight tickets with Delta Airlines, you can double up your happiness by simply contacting the available Delta airlines numbers. But before that, let us unleash top 5 amazing tourist attractions in Dubai you cannot afford to miss:

Here Are Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

Also known as the symbol of Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It also holds countless records in its credit. Being the number one tourist attraction in Dubai, Burj is touted to have the most number of floors, world’s highest occupied floor, world’s highest observation deck, world’s highest night club, world’s longest travel distance elevators, and many more credits! You can avail heavy discounts on booking flights to Dubai by contacting the available Delta Airlines reservations helpdesk.

2. Palm Island

Who doesn’t know the palm island! Although an artificial island lying on the coast of Dubai, Palm Island is listed among the top tourist attractions of Dubai. People from all over the world visit here to dive into its beauty and mesmeric views. Dubai has two palm islands: Palm Jumeira and Palm Jebel Ali. While Palm Jumeira is in a form of a palm tree, Palm Jebel Ali takes form of a tree trunk. Both of them are epic beauties of Dubai and one cannot simply escape from this spellbinding place.

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3. The Dubai Mall

Hitting the third spot is the famous Dubai Mall. True luxury lies here! The Dubai Mall is a true symbol of the statement: ‘If you don’t think money can’t buy happiness, Habibi come to Dubai!’ You’ll get all your answers here why everyone believes that Dubai is hell expensive!! But thanks to the special ongoing offers with Delta Airlines, you can save some money in the flight bookings. All you need to do is simply dial the 24×7 available.

4. Burj Al Arab: The Most Expensive 7 Star Hotel

Another true luxury of Dubai is the world famous Burj Al Arab. Visit this place and you’ll never want to return back! Also known as the fourth tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab is one of the top 5 tourist attractions you simply cannot miss! The 7 star hotel is covered with beautiful choreographed lights in the evening and offers a whole new experience for all the travelers out there.

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5. Ferrari World

The most amazing adventure park branded by Ferrari has to be among the top 5 tourist hubs in Dubai. Visit here once and you’re sure to skip a beat once in a while with those mind boggling rides and adventures. Ferrari world is just one of the few things you cannot just miss in Dubai. No compromises here!!

These were the top 5 tourist attractions of Dubai. And though there are many more hubs that one cannot miss in Dubai, you need to book your tickets and escape to the world of true luxury and pleasure!.

By Sumit Kapoor

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