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London ranks third among the biggest cities of Europe. Even if you’re new to London, getting within the city or transferring between the capital city can be challenging and complicated. London offers a wide range of transportation options and travel is a little more complex as compared to the other European cities. It’s essential to plan your travel plans to save time and cost. London Stansted is the fifth largest of the London Airports. It is located outside the city around 40 miles North East in Essex. Stansted Airport is one of the main bases for Europe’s low-cost flights. It is also one of the most popular airports.

Which Way to Get There?

There are many options of transport from Taxi to Heathrow and London. It is possible to hire cars, take trains or buses, or even hire a transfer service from Stansted using an established local company. Learn the best way you can get to the airport, and compare the estimated travel time and fares, baggage allowances and prices.

By Train

Stansted Express trains operating between the airport and the city are the most efficient and the most convenient transportation options.

Time to travel The train will get you to London centre in around 50 minutes. Stansted Express services run every 15 minutes. You can drop off in the center of London just in the business zone.

Train stops: It comes and departs at Tottenham Hale and Liverpool Street stations, which are great places to connect between other trains and London Underground trains.

Luggage: Luggage that is carried in the train is not restricted to a certain amount, and there’s WI-FI available that you can access for free.

Pricing and Booking: Pre-booking is not just required for train travel however, for all transportation options. There are discounts available when you book online in advance. The normal trip from London as well as Stansted airport will cost 19.00 pounds for a one way journey. Stansted Express has made it easier by having a ticket counter in the International Arrivals Hall at the airport.

Benefits These advantages are: Advantages Express is the quickest method of travel, and offers you the chance to bypass the massive city traffic. It is possible to carry as much baggage as you’re able to carry with no assistance.

By Bus

You can reach Heathrow Airport Transfer by bus.Travelling by buses is the most frequent transport option between Stansted Airport and London. Most people choose to travel by bus because it’s the most affordable option. But, it may not be the most efficient choice if lower expenses aren’t the primary top priority. There are three major operators that offer a variety of routes and services. National Express, Terravision and easyBus however, they all will get passengers to the city center.

Time to travel The time for travel, when compared to a train trip, is three times more. To reach Victoria Station / in the central region/ using the bus, you’ll need to travel approximately 1h 45mins. If there is a lot of traffic, which you can’t avoid, the trip can take longer. Buses typically operate every 15 minutes after the hour mark.

The most important stops include Stratford, Victoria Station and Liverpool Street, but there are many other minor stops, based upon the company that operates the line.

Luggage: There’s many differences among the different operators. National Express allows 2 cases per person , up to 20 kg each. If you’re unfortunate enough to be carrying heavier luggage, you’ll be charged more and given second priority on the plane. Terravision doesn’t have particular rules regarding luggage. You can bring all your luggage and cases to the bus. easyBus have the lowest luggage allowance as they use mini buses. On the bus, you can carry only one bag, with restricted dimensions.

Pricing and Booking: Similar to with the rail service, passengers can reserve your tickets online prior to the trip. Another option is to locate the ticket machine and purchase tickets in the present. Certain operators, such as Terravision permit purchasing tickets directly from the driver. In Stansted Airport the bus station is right next to the terminal, and is accessible via lift or an escalator. You can also purchase tickets at the station. The best choice is to buy tickets online and purchase a flexible journey ticket, which you are able to take for any coach or bus up to 12 hours prior or following the time of departure. This is especially beneficial for cheap flights since they typically arrive later or earlier than the scheduled time. If you’ve already bought tickets, but you didn’t make it to your departure time then you will have to be charged an extra 5,00PS to reschedule your trip. The price average for a single trip from Stansted Airport in London center is 6PS.

Benefits: This is the cheapest travel option. You can pick among a range of bus operators and lines and buy your tickets at any time.

By Car

If you’re not traveling using your own vehicle You should consider hiring one. Car rental is a great option for a tourist planning to travel across the UK. You can pick from Expedia, Sixt, Hertz and many others. If you don’t, renting a car is very expensive, since the prices are high and you’ll be required to purchase a solid guarantee for the vehicle in advance.

By driving, you can have a faster journey to the city , however, additional costs are added. You will first have to pay for parking and you will be charged congestion for you cross city zones. The congestion charge is 11,50 PS per day or 10,00 PS if you book on the internet.


The most comfortable and practical option that you can choose. Taxis and Black cabs in the UK provide a superior standard of service and give you the most attention and performance. Although black cabs are quick, reliable, accurate and trustworthy, they’re also expensive and are not always flexible.

Time to travel If you take taxis, be aware of traffic and the journey may take more than one hour and an hour and a half.

Baggage: The quantity of luggage that is allowed here is contingent on the kind of vehicle you select. The standard saloon vehicle can hold up to four people and two suitcases, plus hand luggage. Sometimes, drivers compromise on luggage, particularly when there are fewer passengers.

Price and booking: The price of a taxi should always be booked in advance. There aren’t any taxi ranks at Stansted Airport. If you do not complete the pre-booking process you may be able to get an automobile at the desk within the Arrivals Hall, or over telephone if you’re heading toward Stansted. The cost of a trip from Stansted to London central is between 90,00 to 150,00 PS contingent upon the destination you’re traveling to. One of the drawbacks of using a black cab is that in the event of delays to flights or cancellation, you could be charged extra charges. Additionally, you will be charged an additional amount to your original price when you schedule your trip in the evening or “anti-social” hours.

Benefits: A lot of people are skeptical about the fairness of taxi services and opt for black taxis. Black taxis are operated by licensed drivers who passed a professional test to earn the license. The passengers feel more secure traveling in black taxis, and the best part is that the black drivers are knowledgeable and have a great understanding of city areas.

By Minicab

Minicabs could be one of the most practical and effective achievements of British transport methods. Minicabs are taxis that can be hired as private hire cars that are booked online. They are operated by licensed drivers, as also taxis with black paint. The benefit of hiring a cab with a minicab is that it is a much less expensive cost of transportation.

Time to travel: As taxis with black paint, traveling in a minicab could take as long as an hour and a half in between Stansted Airport and London, depending on traffic flows.

Luggage: Exactly the same as regular taxis, a regular saloon car can hold four passengers and two suitcases. There are a variety of vehicles, from compact saloons, to estate cars and eight-seater cars.

Pricing and Booking: Booking Minicabs is a straightforward task. It is the only place in London there are a myriad of minicab firms. You can reserve your minicab ahead of time, choose the time you want to pick up and pick up location. They all have assistance lines for customers, to assist you in choosing the best option , and to be attentive to your preferences. We do not recommend hiring a taxi at the last minute even though you can obtain an instant estimate on the internet. The cost is lower than regular taxis, and you could save anywhere between 30 to 45 percent from the cost. Transfers from Stansted Airport and London with minicabs are priced at 45 to 65 pounds for 4 people.

Benefits: Heathrow Airport Taxi is an alternative transport choice for groups, travelers with heavy baggage or travelers who are not familiar with the city areas. Minicabs are a quick and affordable option to travel between London from Stansted Airport. If you take into account the cost and the quality of service, minicabs will be the best option. In the event of a delay in your flight there is a good chance that you will have to pay an additional cost, as minicab drivers are always aware of the status of your flight.

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