The television was once was the king of all entertainment in households. TV was considered a major advancement as a medium, and people used to flock to their television sets to get the latest news and follow the storylines of their favorite shows.

But despite television’s immense popularity at the time, most households didn’t have access to television yet so it became a highly coveted commodity.

Nowadays, it would be hard to find a household without a television, and some families even possess two or more television sets. But, just because their quantity has increased doesn’t necessarily mean that their popularity is still as high as it used to be. Television has gained some pretty stiff competition as a medium and also as a means of Entertainment.

Advertisers no longer use conventional methods like TV commercials to sell their products. Even television’s primary use of screening TV shows is being threatened by the shift from televised broadcasts to online download and streaming. Television ratings have gradually started dropping since the rise of the internet.

Most people these days opt to watch TV shows online instead of waiting for its set time slot. This could be contributed to a number of reasons: they are too busy, an appointment or meeting is set at that show’s schedule, the cable was down, the show wasn’t aired, and many other factors.

Most of the time, a lot of people simply cannot be bothered to keep tracking their favorite show’s viewing schedule, so they just watch whenever they feel like it.

Watching TV shows online is considerably much more convenient, as it saves time spent on channel surfing and immediately takes you to the show that you’re after. The controls on any online media player could also enable the viewer to pause, play, rewind and fast forward at will, providing more freedom. They also rarely show advertisements in between scenes, so there is hardly ever any suspense inducing cliffhangers that would keep you at the edge of your seat.

The vast number of shows available is also one of the best advantages for watching TV shows online. Almost all major TV series have each of their seasons as well as individual episodes accessible online, either for download or for streaming so audiences will never have to wait long in between each viewing.

The ready availability and ease of use that the internet provides makes online TV viewing a major contender to the more conventional analog and digital forms of television.


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