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Everybody’s an artist for sure Sleeve Boxes. All one needs to know about is their own craft. At least, at some stage in your life, every single person in this universe is imaginative. They come up with solutions to solve the problems in which they find themselves every now and then.

They come up with shocking ideas to get around something, quite unexpectedly. So you definitely don’t know your potential if you think you can’t be imaginative in designing something useful to your company. It’s not an easy task to run a company and I can say this by experience and observation as well. You ought to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to do sometimes.

Yeah, amongst brands in the same category, there is a big rivalry. For example, other cosmetic companies will strive to be better than you and will have more consumers if you own a cosmetic company. And yes, consumers compare all beauty products to see who’s better, first and foremost.

I recommend you design your own tray and sleeve boxes and get them manufactured. In reality, these boxes are packaging boxes that are captivating for your goods and your brand. So, the situation is a win-win! But to this end, you must reveal your trays and sleeve boxes first with ingenuity. Let me tell you four fantastic ways to it.

Use Windows or Die-Cutting Patterns

So, why would you miss this chance of making your tray and sleeve box great when you have this wonderful chance? Die-cutting is the technology you will use to build your boxes. The result looks super charismatic so try the best possible die-cut template for your boxes.

It may also be a window or a pattern. Make your choice! Dawn Printing’s assistance will be perfect. They have experienced packaging manufacturers and can give you the best quality packaging solutions at a very low cost.

Don’t Compromise on Designing Engaging Artwork

The time to design the artwork is when the basic layout of the boxes is determined. This can be the most enjoyable aspect because you add it in an aesthetic way that you find wonderful and meaningful. If you failed to give your complete attention to this part, then I’m afraid that you won’t get any benefit out of these boxes. So make sure that you have it built by a professional hand so it works perfectly. .

Printing Methods 

There are special ways to print your artwork on your tray and sleeve box (or a particular part of your artwork). These include spot UV, embossing, debossing, foiling, etc. And believe me that these will make your artwork pop from your boxes and that people will not be able to turn away their eyes. Isn’t it exactly something you’re looking for? Yes, these methods can definitely help you achieve this. 

Never Use Off or Eye-Hurting Colors

This is it. It’s all told, I suppose. Naturally, it’s about the artwork. You must build it, but do not use colors that strike or confuse customers’ eyes. Don’t use too many colors as well. If you want to demonstrate decency and elegance in your goods, use as low as 3 colors at most. This is how you can improve your tray and sleeve boxes and make them attract every onlooker out there. 


At any point in your life, you can demonstrate your imagination. But if it is a matter of the future of your company it becomes important for you to do so. Using sleeve boxes and tray packaging because they are exclusive and because of their splendor has a strong impact on consumers. However, it’s not enough to use them. To decorate the boxes esthetically, you must use your imaginative mind.

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