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The world is moving further towards online shopping, and the current pandemic has expedited this shift. Even the people who preferred shopping at brick and mortar stores are now going online for shopping, be it for their winter attires or for Buy Grocery Online.

The increasing demand for online shopping has triggered a lot of businesses to provide their services online and grab their share of the cake. While competition is good, the countless number of good food departments online has made it difficult for people to choose the most reliable ones.

If you are also looking for an online store that offers a broad range of top-quality products, you’re in luck. We have a list of some of the best online grocery stores that you can visit. Let’s dive right into the list

Buy Grocery Online

Fresh Direct (

One of the leading names in online groceries is fresh direct. The company has been offering top-grade products 24/7 online, which is why it has become a primary choice for a lot of consumers in the US. However, they charge a $6 to $16 dollar delivery charge based on how big your shopping bag is. The main attraction of this place is that its delivery is available in a wide range of areas, making it easier for people in the suburbs to use this service. The store offers meals as well as grocery items.

Walmart Grocery (


A big fish in the pond, Walmart Grocery has its feat widespread in around 1600 locations. The go-to brick and mortar service for a lot of people are now becoming a primary choice grocery service online as well, mainly because of its existing name and reliability. You can find pretty much all the products you want in their online store, from electronics to fresh foods and more. However, the fresh produce items are often not organic and neither very fresh sometimes.

Sevananda (

For over four decades, Sevananda has been providing top-grade organic items coupled with fresh produce grown without any chemicals or pesticides. They have recently opened an online grocery shopping space, which is taking the online world by storm. Sevananda has already become a core choice of online shopping for people who wish to keep their health in check. The store also offers countless other products like oils and packaged seeds, among others. If you want to go organic or support local farmers by buying local produce, Sevananda is the store you’re looking for.

Shipt (

Another big name in the online grocery shopping arena. Shipt has been around for a while and requires a membership to order, which will cost you $99 annually. Their model allows you to reach out to a personal shopper who will choose products based on your preference. Shipt is often opted for by people who wish to have a personalized shopping experience from the comfort of their home. However, due to the current pandemic, everything is now automated, and a no-contact delivery policy has been enacted by the company.

Instacart (

They don’t have their own store, but the service allows you to order items through a single window but from multiple stores. Basically, you will be assigned a person who will run your errands and get your stuff, even if it is from a stall on the street. However, Instacart charges a premium on every item you order through their service, so be prepared to pay extra!

Thrive Market (

Yet another name in online grocery shopping. This company charges an annual fee of $60, after which you get to order different meals and multiple brands. The choice is limited, however, as compared to other competitions. One good thing about the Thrive Market is that you get free delivery/shipping on orders above $49. So, if opting for this, make sure you hit that $50 mark, so you get to avoid the delivery charges.

Google Shopping (

Surprised much? Google may be a leading name in search engines, but grocery shopping doesn’t seem to be its strongest point. It landed on our list because it offers something unique – shipping wherever you want the items to be shipped. Just make sure that you don’t want any perishable items like fruits or vegetables because Google Shopping doesn’t offer those.

In A Nutshell (

There are a lot of Buy Grocery Online that have found their way into the online grocery shopping industry. The ones we mentioned in this article offer something unique to their consumers. While some may cost high, others will waive off charges. Some stores will not deliver perishables, while others don’t have an extensive delivery network.

In order to choose the Buy Grocery Online Store, make sure it doesn’t charge a membership fee because you are likely to find a better alternative without paying one. Secondly, make sure the store doesn’t surcharge on the items you buy as it will only add to your expense. An excellent option will be a grocery store that offers perishable and non-perishables at low prices without a membership fee.

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