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Many students want to pursue their education from universities abroad. There can be many circumstances that can stop a student from leaving their homes and going abroad to study. Today this pandemic has made a huge issue for such students. Before, there was no solution to this problem, but today there are, as the world is of the Internet now.

Many distance learning schemes are amazing options for students who want a degree from international universities. The Internet has become such a relief for so many people worldwide for different purposes like; there is SEO content writing UK online helping people complete their eBooks with the help of experts.

An attributes degree from a European university can be an awesome benefit in your career and on the market of jobs. To help you find the best distance learning universities, here are the top ten universities in a list that offers online degrees to international students worldwide. The list contains all types of universities.

The intention of bringing the universities in one list is for your ease to find the universities that also cover a wider variety of countries and offer options to the learners who want to obtain the degree from the foremost European university. The unranked universities are also included here so that you can find them easily.

1. Wageningen University and Research (WUR), located in The Netherlands

The Wageningen University is among the foremost ten best Dutch universities in the prominent ranking that the Top Universites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Times Higher Education have created.

This university provides online courses on all the portals that are generally at the Master’s level. The tuition fees of this university have a range from 670 – 2,100 Euros per academic year.

2. Freie Universitat Berlin, Located in Germany

The study scheme that this university offers charges no fee from every student despite their nationality. Nevertheless, the tuition fee can reach up to nine thousand and five hundred Euros per year for some online courses. They offer distance learning schemes at the Master’s level.

3. Stockholm University, located in Sweden

With more than thirty thousand students obtaining education from this university, this university is a very well-developed one where a lot of research is taking place, mostly regarding human science and science education field. This university’s tuition fee is charging for the courses online can get to more than thirteen thousand Euros per academic year. All the online courses are available at the Master’s level.

4. Trinity College Dublin, located in Ireland

It is one of the best colleges in Ireland that takes the first position in the list of top universities, the Shanghai University and THE. Trinity College Dublin offers online courses at the Master’s level and its tuition fees range from 3,500 to 11,200 Euros per academic year.

5. The University of Oxford, located in the UK

The whole world knows about Oxford University as it is the best without any doubt. 

This university mostly offers online courses at the Master’s level, and its tuition fees range from eighteen hundred to sixteen hundred and five hundred Euros per academic year.

6. European University Cyprus

It is a university that has escorted in a modernized culture that inclined quality and level of learning all along the region. By their best quality degree offer online, they provide excellent tutoring, assistance, and research for the learners who are attending the online classes.

The university provides the courses online at the Master’s and Bachelor’s level both. The European University Cyprus tuition fee is among nine thousand till nine thousand and five hundred per academic year.

7. EU Business School, located in Spain

It is a private and higher education institute, which is in Spain, and it is especially aimed at management and business degrees. It has a higher tuition fee as it does not have the advantage from the state financial support.

They offer online courses that cost twelve thousand and nine hundred till twenty-nine thousand and eight fifty Euros per academic year.

8. Swiss School of Business and Management, located in Switzerland

It is a private academic system that provides studies for business which is planned to obtain the requirements of the huge companies and diverse industries. This university partners up with different organizations and scholars to plan the courses and prepare the students for the labor market.

Most online courses are at the Master’s level, and the tuition costs range from six hundred to fifteen thousand Euros per academic year. The Swiss organization is The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland, it provides online courses mostly, approximately fifty.

9. International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, located in Italy

The online degrees that these university offers are well-known all around Europe. It offers advice for careers to the determined learners to set the goals of study through the period of their educations. It provides the courses online at Master’s and Bachelor’s levels. The tuition costs range from one thousand and six hundred to three thousand and two hundred per academic year.

10. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), located in Belgium

It is a university that focuses on the future more by hiring researchers and tutors worldwide. The purpose is to hire the ones who fit the best for the meticulous standards of the university. The variety in the teachers’ staff is also a factor that shows the great mixture of students from diverse sectors of the world who enroll in this university.

The interdisciplinary approach is something that follows the university to tutoring through various cooperative activities. The university also has numerous collaborations with different universities abroad and also Belgium. It provides the Master’s level degrees and also the short courses online.

Here is a big list of the universities that are offering online courses. Now it is your choice to choose the one that seems the best for you. Please read it carefully and the go-ahead to enroll for your desired one.

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