Telephone Solutions with the Virtual Phone Number

That’s it, you have made up your mind, you need a professional telephone solution for your business in 2020, a real business telephone switchboard with all its advanced features. To know everything about the switchboard, find the practical guide to the switchboard to choose and set up the best system for your business.

Until now, you have used your personal cell phone, the telephone line of your box, or a simple classic line to receive your customer calls, and you tell yourself that now is the time to move up a gear.

First of all, you want to professionalize the telephone reception of your customers with studio-type welcome messages “Welcome to [my company], don’t quit,” make them wait with an excellent on-hold music from your choice and above all you want a better distribution of calls (time filters for example) and efficient monitoring (call log) in short, you need a modern switchboard for the year 2020. Using the Virtual Phone number is essential. That is why, one should get them from the right vendor and it is possible only by comparing several virtual phone number providers like MightyCall vs Grasshopper or any other. By doing so, you will know which virtual phone system provider offers best telephone solutions in the form of virtual phone number.

Why then choose one virtual switchboard rather than a traditional switchboard offer?

A switchboard generally consists of a proper switchboard, whether it is on your premises or hosted by a supplier, and sets to be installed. A virtual switchboard (or 100% cloud) does not require any installation of sets since you will be using your already existing telephones: mobiles, fixed lines, box, etc., and allows you to obtain the same functionalities.

Why are thousands of USA companies switching to 100% cloud for their telephony rather than installing a switchboard?

Here are some of the main reasons that lead many entrepreneurs to choose this solution:

The huge advantage of a virtual switchboard like Standard

Easy is that you don’t have to need any special knowledge. Just let yourself be guided. There is nothing to install.

Immediate activation of your line

You don’t want to wait several weeks to start using your corporate switchboard.

No commitment

Once your professional telephone line is activated (in 3 minutes), it is possible to modify or terminate your line immediately, without notice, without complicated procedure.

This is the ideal solution for you who are a small business looking for flexibility: no commitment.

Move your business

As you are a small (but promising) company, you are certainly telling yourself that you will leave this cramped office for an open space that meets your ambitions within a few months.

You will then be faced with a lot of administrative paperwork, problems installing your new computer equipment, the coffee machine, so why bother with the complicated relocation of your telephone lines? Calls to customer service (interminable), waiting (interminable) for the line transfer.

Facile virtual switchboard, you do not have to do anything. Whether you are here or elsewhere, your switchboard always works the same.

Use laptop

Often, a new entrepreneur starts by using his personal mobile phone for his business calls. A habit he wants to keep, why bother with a landline when everyone already has a cell phone?

But it was also pointed out to him that using a mobile number as a customer service number, for example, was not very serious. He, therefore, needs a mixed solution: acquire a professional telephony solution while continuing to use his laptop.This is precisely what a virtual switchboard offers since you can use any phone for your calls, and therefore you can continue to use your mobile.

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