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Continuing studies throughout the year and then semester or final exams come. Exam days are also the hardest days of life for those who were busy studying day and night all year round. And for those who love to study but love to enjoy life a little more in the midst of reading or the students from the middle to the back of the class, After Exam is the scariest time of life. During the test, why you don’t take the test as you think all the time?

Then when the test is over, really most of us just eat, or turn around, watch TV and go to sleep. Because now there is no routine study, coaching, teacher, assignment. It feels like a white gannet flying with wings in the free and open air. But if the holidays are long then we can do some good and educational work along with refreshments. So let’s see what else we can do to make this holiday more memorable than just watching TV and watching best cartoon online.

Take a break first and thank your Creator:

Our world is now a world without nonstop rest. Shops are open all day and night, TV, computer or mobile is on all night, and technology keeps us awake. Or the constant reading forces us to stay awake. So after exam, your first task will be to find a day that will be a day without technology or a day without shopping or a day without everything.

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Then separate from everything and sit with your own scriptures and read for a while. And thank that great Creator for saving you from the tribulation of temptation.

Don’t worry about what the test is like and what the result will be:

If I could have read more before the exam, the exam might have been a little better, who knows what the result will be! These words are spinning in your head, aren’t they? If you turn around, get rid of these thoughts. None of this will change your writing, exam book. Some of them are sitting with friends or sitting at home on their own. Will that change your test results?

Some may think the test results are simple, but others? If you are told not to worry about the test results. In that case, maybe not worrying and holding your breath will be the same thing for you. So the easiest way is not to worry – your creator has built our future in his own hands. So you could not change everything if you wanted to. And we all know that what God does is for good. So get rid of all worries and see what to do this holiday after exam.

Start reading with pleasure and write any book you can:

Here we would suggest exactly what kind of writing you like, and yes I am not talking about any class book. Honestly, remember the last time you sat down with any of your favourite books or writings? So sit down and read your favourite book and dive into the book. You will go to the world of your choice with the pages of the book.

So choose your favourite book, comics, magazine or magazine then you can enjoy your reading. And if reading is your hobby, now is the best time to finish reading your favourite books. And if you like to write, then start writing during this holiday season the articles that have been threatening your head for a long time, which may be a real story or a fairy tale.

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