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Before we begin with the main topic for free eLearning Resources, first we should understand the meaning of resources.

“Resource – It is always available to us and can be used by us as and when required “. One has to understand the resources available within and around them, that they can use as per their requirement.

Similarly, there are various resources available to students for e-learning guidance which helps them to secure better grades. That also percentile in academics and enhancing the knowledge by providing the latest information about the topics.

Undoubtedly, you all know the importance of the Internet in today’s day; it plays a vital role in the life of students and can create a huge impact on their academics.

Below mentioned are 7 free eLearning Resources to gain higher marks in exams.


Definitely, visual e-Learning is the best form of learning for any student. It helps them to understand any topic in a better form. They can remember for a longer period of time. Visual appealing of any presentation develops interest among the students. Although we all know about the various visual e-Learning websites.

Among all of them YouTube, Daily hunt and Vimeo, are so-called the best e-learning visual platform on the entire globe. Students can find quality free videos here. If students compare these websites with others they will prove to be costly. Here you can find any topic related to Science, Engineering, Management, Enhancement skills, etc.


These are the most traditional methods of studying. Every student must have seen a lot of images in their books. That trying to make them understand the actual facts about the topic; it can be an image of any theory, formula, notable person, historians, human body figure, globe maps, etc.

Every student must have seen comics, it consists of images. Sometimes we even saw comics in different languages which we are completely unable to read. With the help of images, we can easily recognize the exact message of the story, it is trying to explain. So, no one can ignore the importance of images in this world.

Similarly, nowadays images e-learning plays a vital role among students. Just like videos, it is one of the most popular ways to make an e-course or learning. Learning Via mobile is more interesting and appealing when it consists of images in it instead of text to explain. So in the case of e-learning, you can find topic images from various professionals and authors on the same platform. It also used for Assignment Help for gaining more marks in exams.

PowerPoint Presentation 

Powerpoint is among the best low budgeted e-learning program. It is not too complicated while preparing and presenting to make students understand the topic. Powerpoint helps to create slide-based learning tutorials. It is recommended for students to check PowerPoint tutorials free of cost that are available easily on the websites. It helps students to get started with all the basics knowledge to create a beautiful presentation for their academics.


There are many e-books that can be referred to free of cost on the web. For a particular topic assigned to a student, they can have an opinion to justify its findings. In case there is a contradiction in any writer you can even find proof of its accuracy. By considering the views of other writers’ books are available for various content and subjects. Students can even download e-books free of cost.

Games Tools 

Games are one of the vital resources of e-learning. It has immense power to boost and enhance interpersonal skills, for instance. If we take an example of the game puzzles, word mole, Water glass balancer, etc. These are the games through which students can develop a lot of skills. Students may connect to various websites that offer free games and blogs. There are so many ways of using games that students can use in their e-learning.

Educational Blogs

Blogs are basically posted and maintained by an individual who regularly makes entries of various events or other items, materials. Basically blogging is posting comments on someone else’s block keeping their own views and ideas. Blogging is ways to interact with each other even with a stranger whose post you find quite relevant. You can just ask your query with him and he will help you out with it. 

There are various blogs that are based on academics and blogged by students, professors, teachers, or experts. These blogs are commonly focused on the education topic and consist of relevant and updated information. This is why these days blogging has become the most commonly used search engine optimization tool. With the help of blogs, students will get an idea of any topic.


These are also known as electronic journals. Generally, it is a journal from the scholars which can be seen in the magazines. It can be accessed by electronic channels. In most cases, you will find that these journals are based on pay per view access. But it also can be used as free eLearning Resources.

So students can refer to their respective university libraries where they keep complete records of their student’s and researchers’ journals. In today’s day, these are also maintained as e-journals in the system which can be viewed by students.

There are many advantages of e-journals like speed, flexibility, accessibility, and less cost. Articles can be posted on the site. When it gets ready it is the fastest way to update the latest information related to the same topic. Earlier this process takes more than a month to correct or update any information on any topic.

So, if we consider the above major 7 free eLearning Resources points, students can easily conclude the importance of e-learning.

By Amara Smith

I am Amara Smith. I am working as an essay editor in Livewebtutors. The platform provides many academic services like providing Essay help USA, Paper Writing Service, Assignment writing, and more. I have written more than 435 essays, thesis, assignments for the students.

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