CA exam series

Knowing the level of Accountancy that you have, as well as obtaining a certification that accompanies it, becomes something essential in the world of accounting and finance. If you are looking to get a job or improve your professional profile, you need the most prestigious degree possible to support your knowledge of Accountancy.

The CA certification is among the most recognized accounting tests, as more than ten thousand institutions of different countries worldwide; value this certification. To pass this exam it is required to achieve a certain score. The maximum score you can get on the CA exam series the more you will become confident to pass the real CA exam.

When you start studying for CA exam, you are wondering what to start with. First of all, it is recommended to “prepare for studying for the CA exam”. By preparing, you can visualize the parts that you have to study, so you can start learning more effectively than blindly starting studying.

When you have some candidates, make sure to check the CA examination guidelines. If you know the subject you want to take, you can concentrate on that subject and study efficiently. Also, pay attention to the point allocation ratio of each subject.

In order to make a study plan, it is important to understand your current ability. For that, let’s utilize a CA exam series. By taking the CA exam series, you will be able to see specific issues such as which subject, which unit is weak, and what you should focus on in the future.

Also, take the CA exam series regularly even after you start studying for the exam. By objectively grasping the progress of studying for entrance exams and the growth of ability, you can review your study method in the future. Since the grades are expressed as numbers, it also leads to motivation.

Let’s check the flow of the CA examination

Before you start studying for the CA exam, let’s check the flow of the CA exam. By checking the CA examination schedule, it becomes clear what you have to do by when, and you can study efficiently.

Let’s make a reasonable study plan

Now that you have confirmed the CA examination schedule, let’s set up a study schedule.
We will write down the items that must be done from the present to the CA examination date, organize them, and incorporate them into the study schedule every 3 months, 1 month, and 1 week. The important thing in making a study plan is to make a schedule that can be digested reasonably and reliably. Also, set review days and rest days within a week and build a study plan that can be adjusted flexibly.

How to study for a CA examination efficiently?

When you make a study plan, you will be surprised that you don’t have much time. CA students are busy with their accounting and financial study, so it is necessary to make effective use of time and study efficiently. How can I study efficiently?

When starting studying for CA examination, the priority is to develop basic skills. It is tempting to work on applied problems and past problems immediately, but if you do not have basic vocabulary, grammar, formulas / theorems and how to use them, you will not be able to obtain sufficient effects even if you work on applied problems. It takes time to go back and forth between basics and applications. First of all, let’s proceed with studying for the CA exam, focusing on solidifying the basics.

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