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Owning the best boxy cars is like a dream come true. Boxy cars were the trending rides of the sixties & seventies. They made up the most sold vehicles during that period.

With time the preference for boxy cars decreased. However, for the past few years, these square rides have managed to gain people’s interest. They are prominent on roads more than ever.

But the ultimate question remains as to how can one maintain a boxy car? The answer is simple. Owning a boxy car is like owning any other automobile. All you need to be is consistent and active to take care of it.

Some people might own the costliest rides, but they still are unable to take care of their vehicles well. To make sure you do not end up with a busted ride, today we are going to share with you some of our implemented tips that will surely help you to take care of your car.

So without wasting any time, let us get started.

Different Ways To Maintain Your Car:

The first thing you need to understand is that your vehicle is an assembly of mechanical parts. Every section of your vehicle holds its importance, and you need to pay attention to each one of them.

Taking care does not mean just washing the exterior to make it look bright & shiny. It means taking care of the internal structure along with the exterior.

  1. Keep It Clean

Always keep your car clean. Cleanliness is the first and most crucial thing for a car owner. If you cannot keep your ride mess-free, you can’t do anything else.

Make it a routine. Either clean it every other day or fix a time or day of the week and do a thorough cleaning of your ride. Not just the exterior but the interiors of the cabins as well.

Use a car vacuum cleaner to reach the tight spots.

  1. Drive Daily

To make sure that your ride is not getting rusted by sitting in your garage, use it frequently. People might think that keeping a car inside will keep it safe, however, it is the exact opposite.

If not used, over time, the internal mechanical parts of your vehicle get prone to rust, and there are more chances of it getting damaged.

  1. Fluid Change

The next step is to keep the mechanical parts working smoothly. Make it a habit to check the fluids like engine oil every month.

Make sure your vehicle is not running low on the necessary fluids. Check the fluid levels. If it needs to be refilled do it on the spot to avoid any future issues.

  1. Premium Gas

Here, by premium gas, I do not mean that you should purchase the costly fuel. We mean, you should only buy gas from the well-authorized gas stations.

Nowadays, it is common to come across fuels with a high amount of impurities which over time can ruin your engine.

However, if you go for a well-reputed, government-authorized one, you are guaranteed to get good fuel. Thus, you keeping the heart of your vehicle safe.

  1. Car Insurance

Car Insurance is the safety cover that comes in help if you come across an unplanned expense related to your ride.

Good insurance will help you cover any sudden mishap like an accident or breakdown. You will not have to worry about arranging a large sum out of the blue.

  1. Parking

Whenever parking, try to go for indoor parking. If that is not an option, look for shade to park the car. Exposing vehicles to sunlight for a long period can cause damage. So make sure you choose the right parking spot for it.

Use car covers to protect it from extreme weather.

  1. Professional Maintenance

As much as it sounds corny but you need to do professional maintenance of your car. You might know well, but the experts know the best.

Take your car once every three months to the professionals and have it examined and serviced. This is crucial as it will keep your ride up to date, and if there is any serious issue, you will get a hold of it before it turns serious.


Boxy cars are becoming the new heartthrob of the automobile industry. Youngsters are getting more & more interested in these square beasts.

But to make sure you can keep them for a longer time, you need to start taking care of them. We hope this list of crucial maintenance tips will help you take better care of your boxy ride.

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