Hello iPhone users, Your iPhone screen is cracked! Seriously, you can’t hear worse than this. Broken your iPhone means an empty wallet. Fortunately, you have many choices to save yourself without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you are seeking apple repair Singapore then, official Apple service centres are the best choice. There you can trust genuine parts and quality services.

If you want to fix your iPhone, you can adopt one of two ways. The standard route under Apple-certified replacement or the private route following any mobile repair store or IT supports you can discover in your area or shopping centre.

Well, your phone screen is the most important part of your phone. Here you can see numbers to call, different apps on your phone, and much more. It is also called the best way to interact with the apps. That is why when your screen gets broken, you can’t use your phone. And the only thing that comes to your mind is the iPhone screen repair cost or IT support.

When do you need iPhone screen Repair?

Replacing the screen might harm your pocket. So, keep in mind to replace or find apple repair Singapore whenever needed.

If your phone screen is cracked only on the phone edges, then it will never affect your phone’s looks. And you will be able to use apps properly on your phone.

Likely, a large single large crack on the phone screen will also be okay. Your phone might work accordingly, and still, it will be okay.

If your screen is damaged and you are not able to touch apps, then it’s high time to replace your screen or search apple repair Singapore. In this case, IT support from the Apple store can also suggest you the best option. Then the only way will be to find out the service centre for repair.

Cost Of Apple Repair Singapore



iPhone 12

$339 to $489

iPhone 11

$299 to $489

iPhone X

$299 to $489

iPhone Screen Repair At Home

If you have some technical and self-confidence then your iPhone screen will be replaced free of cost. Repairing it at home on your own is the cheapest way for apple repair Singapore.

You can find the replacement screen at local authentic shops and repair it by yourself. You will even easily find other pieces of a phone nearby. This will allow you to enjoy yourself without paying service fees.

Still, there are many people who think this isn’t the right way to treat your iPhone. Because your phone has many parts and sometimes they don’t fit perfectly with each other. Moving or losing a single piece means your iPhone will not work properly. 

Repairing At Local Shop

You can find numerous technicians for fixing your iPhone screen. And being local, they can offer your replacement services at a lower cost. But, try to think again, this might not be a good decision. Just because of less money, you can’t trust anyone. It might be cheaper but don’t guarantee the type of service provided. You never know if the replacement screen is authentic or not. 


In the long run, you should give your phone a certified and authentic apple repair in Singapore. It may cost a higher price but will be trustworthy. They will provide your IT support if needed, plus the guarantee of authentic spare parts. Giving your phone to any local technician is cheaper but without any guarantee. But CBL tech provides the best services related to your iPhone. You can trust them as they are authentic and certified. 

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