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Getting a wall to wall carpet installed in your home is quite expensive, and like every other investment in your home, you need to care for your carpet specially. You care for your carpet by carrying out regular London carpet cleaning as this helps maintain the appearance of your carpet and the warm, yet cosy feel it offers your home.

There are some secrets and tips you need to know asides regular cleaning if you want your carpet to remain in good shape for a long time.

Some of the carpet cleaning tips you should know are as follows.


Before you clean your carpet, you need to change the position of your furniture, so it doesn’t get in the way of your carpet cleaning. If your furniture is heavy to move, use furniture sliders to make the moving easy and quick,

You can use furniture sliders to move your beds, recliners, sofas, tables and any other heavy furniture. After the carpet cleaning, ensure that the carpet is dry before moving the furniture to their original position.


Regularly vacuuming your home helps keep it clean, and also reduces the amount of allergen in your carpet like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. Vacuuming your carpet regularly, at least once every week also helps to extend the life-span of your carpet.

The amount of foot traffic on your carpet determines how often you will need to vacuum the carpet. The more the foot traffic, the higher the number of times you should vacuum the carpet in a week.

Carpet cleaning solutions

Getting the right cleaning solution for your carpet is essential for cleaning your carpet correctly. Whenever you get a carpet cleaning solution, try it on a small area of your rug first. A spot that is usually hidden is the best spot for testing out the carpet cleaning chemical.

In your bid to use a powerful and effective cleaning solution, try not to mix several cleaning solutions. Always opt for cleaning products with the seal of approval and avoid using excess detergent as this would damage your carpet.

Cleaning style

If you want to clean your home carpet, start from your bedroom or any other room farthest from the door and work your way cleaning towards the door. This prevents you from stepping on areas you have already cleaned.

Over-wetting the carpet

Be patient while cleaning your carpet and try not to use excess water as this could damage the carpet and leave your home with a stale odour. After the cleaning, try to remove as much water to keep your carpet dry. Wet carpets also serve as a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

Drying carpet

To eliminate stale odour from your carpet, airdry the carpet outdoors or let enough fresh air into the room when the air outdoor is dryer than the indoor air.

Allowing fresh air into the room will help your carpet dry faster. If the outdoor air is humid or it is raining, use fans to dry the carpet. If you cleaned the carpet properly, it should get dried after some hours.

Removing stains

No matter how careful you are, you may still have spills and stubborn stains on your carpet. If you spill anything that could stain your carpet, try to clean it off immediately. If the stain remains on your carpet for long, the carpet will absorb it.

To remove the stain, do not rub it but gently blot the stained spot, working your way from outside. Rinse the stained spot with clean water and blot the area again. If you try to scrub off the stain, you will damage the fibres of your carpet.

Cleaning methods

There are about eight known carpet cleaning methods. Amongst the eight, only three are suitable for anyone to clean their carpet, especially those who are not carpet cleaning experts.

If you want to clean your carpet, use the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning), dry foam method, or dry cleaning method.

Carpet cleaning machine

Using a machine to clean your wall-to-wall carpet helps make the cleaning process easy, but ensure you get the right carpet cleaning machines, so you do not damage your carpet.

Train your pet

Maintaining a carpet is usually difficult because they are prone to getting stained and having a stale odour. If you have a pet and you want a wall-to-wall carpet, train your pet properly, so it does not pass faeces or urine on your carpet.

For your carpet to last long and remain attractive, you need to be intentional about preventing stains or other things that could damage the carpet.

If you cannot properly clean your carpet yourself, consider getting a professional carpet cleaning company like Ryan Carpet Cleaning to do the cleaning.

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