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Even despite repeated accusations of the excessive coldness of the finish, the technicality of all the components and attributes of the store, the high-tech bathroom concept design has gained wide recognition around the world. In today’s sound, the luxury style is a move in keeping with the times, where healthy pragmatism and solidity combine well with the originality of color solutions.

A luxury bathroom is a room that adheres to the industrial and technical motifs of modern design. Those who strive for the unity of space and light should not be discouraged by the severity and restraint in the environment, since at the moment there are a large number of high-tech interior solutions for the luxury bathroom that surprise with their great grace and aesthetics.

The distinctive features of this style are the mandatory use of tiles metal, glass and natural stone in the design. For rooms with damp dampness, such as a bathroom, ceramic wall tiles with imitation of the above materials would be the best option. For example, high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles, which repeat with surprising precision the structure of a matt metal surface, perfectly match the “high-tech” style.

At the same time, it demonstrates many useful properties: resistance to abrasion, chemical and mechanical influences, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, etc. The exclusive novelty is complemented by samples for wallcovering “under the mosaic”.

The collection can safely be called a successful experiment by European designers who ensured that high-tech “steel” tiles are harmoniously combined with other colors and textures, which, of course, is important for an interior that maximizes relaxation and pleasant rest.

Preserving the principle of technicality in creating a “production” style will help to reproduce pipes, fittings, rods, fittings, which now do not need to be hidden in walls and ceilings. On the contrary, the brilliance of the structural elements is deliberately displayed, advertised and admired.

In general, the maximum number of chrome, monochrome, halftone-free parts and accessories with an angular design is a hallmark of a high-tech bathroom. The primary colors, white, black and gray, are complemented by shades of blue, green, red or yellow. Prerequisite: all surfaces are polished.

The high-tech bathroom is governed by the law of minimalism and symmetry. When choosing furniture and plumbing, preference should be given to clean lines, shapes, and right angles. If it is a shower cabin, then it should be with a minimum of parts, the main materials are metal and glass. For bathrooms, it is imperative to use ultra-modern materials and futuristic shapes.

A high-tech bathtub with a design devoid of all kinds of embellishments will fit perfectly into almost any space, be it a large or small room. It can be placed in a corner, freeing up useful area. Toilets and bidets are also designed to hold images. Suspended models especially contribute to this. Well-chosen plumbing is a great opportunity to make a room more practical and comfortable.

Another thing Hi-Tech is good at is its aesthetic asceticism. It does not tolerate clutter and unnecessary parts, which is very favorable for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Leave heavy furniture, gold accents, and beautiful ornaments for other interiors. Modular racks with open or closed sections are suitable here.

The use of plastic and wooden shelves is allowed, provided they are fixed in metal frames made of polished chrome tubes, which sparkle and shine in the rays of light sources. By the way, about the light. In addition to the main lighting, the bathroom should have additional lamps, both on brackets and on brackets. They are mounted on a mirror or on furniture elements. As a rule, they have simple lines and shapes, have impeccable functionality and optimal ergonomics.

When requesting design services to create a high-tech bathroom, you are deliberately following the path of technical progress, where everything pleases with the flawless functioning of the systems and the durability of the operation.

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