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Dexamethasone: Promising Treatment for COVID-19

How an ordinary Dexamethasone drug that Everyone seemed to have been overlooked during the time of pandemic became the miracle cure against the incurable disease we all know as Covid-19

Covid-19 has been a sore thumb sticking out ever since the year 2020 started, originally generated from a city in China called Wuhan, the virus soon spread over the entire globe. Causing each, and everything to shut down in a brief time period of few months.

Even the biggest countries like the UK, USA, and Mother Russia seemed to be helpless against the effects of this virus. The virus has caused similar havoc as certain diseases that almost wiped out entire nations, yes! We are talking about the black plague here. 

Though Covid-19 is not as deadly when compared Ebola or the Black Plague, it has still tallied up quite the death count all around the globe. From January 2020 to the current month of June 2020 almost 400,000 people have lost their life due to this virus, but now it seems like these troublesome times might come to an end.

Dexamethasone, a drug that’s used to treat many different conditions like allergic disorders, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, and breathing disorders turned out to be the miracle drug that could cure this dreaded disease. 

Researchers in the UK are saying that had the drug been used before it could have said 5,000 lives though the drug is doing wonders on patients its being tested on.

There still isn’t a 100 percent accuracy rate for it, the people who aren’t on ventilators have about a 60 to 70% chance in recovering from the disease. While the patients that have been affected strongly by the disease have almost a 50% chance of making a full recovery. 

For now the drug is being tested all around the globe, and results seem to be coming out positive day by day, after a long time of being stuck in this pandemic this news is like a breath of fresh air to people all around the world, and even if it’s not perfect yet this is still something that we can all take a sigh of relief for.

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SUMMARY 2: Chief Medical Officer for England reports that this drug can be used to save lives all around the globe. Plus due to it already been circulating around the globe the prices for this drug, and administering it is already in the know of all medical professionals around the world.

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