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Where dolphin love meets shark fin, where exotic rain forest is crossed by poisonous crawling animals, and where flip-flops are combined with a bridal dress … yes, life ticks a little differently. Tips to survive in Australia is one of the most fascinating countries on earth.

Millions of vacationers, backpackers, students and expats travel down under every year. But even though Australia is on the other side of the world, the country is similarly western-casual as we are over here. This is precisely why it is a very popular destination for holidaymakers of all ages, as Australia is not only incredibly exotic, wild and beautiful, but also has western standards and safety is not carried out by bush doctors.

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I’ve lived in Australia for a long time, and over the years I’ve gathered pretty good and helpful tips that make traveling around Australia a lot easier. Which visa do I need, where can I find an apartment, where a job? Where can I go cheap shopping and how should I behave in Australian waters? Shark tacks and kangaroo checks – here Tips to survive need to know before traveling to Australia.

Visa and cheap flights

Two weeks?! If you don’t have a lot of time, you’d better reconsider a trip to Australia. Big time difference, so a lot of jet lag for a few days, the long flight … it’s not really worth it for two weeks.

Which travel length would I recommend? Pooh … the best thing is to take a year off. However, three weeks should be the minimum, there is no upper limit.

Australia is almost twice the size of Europe – it takes a lot of time to explore the whole country.

The only thing that separates you from a trip to Australia is sitting at an altitude of 15,000 meters for 23 hours. By the way, a big wallet wouldn’t be too bad either, because not only are the cost of living in Australia almost 1.5 times as high as here, but the price for the flight is also not without it.

With a bit of luck you will find flights from 500 $, usually they are closer to 800-1,200$.

I have a good tip for students and young people: Some providers offer student flights that are a good 10% cheaper. I can recommend tripadvisor as well as MMT.

You can take advantage of these discounted flights if you are either under 26 years old, a student, or look like you could still be a student. Oha! I know. It is always said that the international student ID is checked, but nothing there. I haven’t met anyone with whom this was a problem.

Once you have booked your flight, you still need a visa for Australia. This is pretty easy and easy to apply from home. Depending on how long you want to stay in Australia and whether you just want to spend money or go to work yourself, you will need a different visa.

For vacation and business trips, for example, it is sufficient to apply for the so-called eVisitor 651 visa. You can find detailed information about applying for a visa for Australia and the different types of visas in my article on applying for a visa.

Immigration: Information for entry:

Wohooooo! You did it, you are finally in the land of koalas and tank tops. I don’t know where you’ll end up first, but believe me, once you approach the landing, your heart will pound in your throat, because the hottest time ever is ahead of you.

No sooner have you got off the plane than you have to stand in line to have your passport checked. Sorry, how to get through there faster.

I have not yet figured out myself. Tips to survive won’t be a few minutes before an Australian policeman chats you somewhere and first of all fluffy pulls out a “Haw ya going mate?”

Fortunately, like in America, that doesn’t happen here. You don’t have to give a fingerprint, you often just look briefly in your passport, check your electronic visa, give a friendly nod, and you’re done. With your luggage,

However, you have to go through a separate luggage check again. In advance you had to fill out a card in which you have to state what you have with you. It doesn’t really matter what you write on it, in most cases the officers look into the suitcase again anyway.

However, you should urgently adhere to the entry and customs regulations, unfortunately, boiled Easter eggs from grandma and delicious Serrano ham have to stay at home. Sweets and the allowed amount of alcohol are not a problem.

By the way Tips to survive, I would strongly recommend that to you. If you fancy a few cocktails, be sure to bring alcohol from home or from the duty-free shop. In Australia, a bottle of vodka easily costs 30 to 40 dollars

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