With the changing algorithms of Google SEO every day, branding your online business out there is quite complex or unpredictable. Search engine optimization is a large arena to make steady predictions regarding sales or rankings. No doubt some principle points never go out of fashion after so many updates. To get more information, you can consult the best digital marketing agency in Delhi.

You need to keep an eye on what all your competitors are up to to find the latest trends but to keep yourself ahead of others you need to experiment with different new things. Copying your competitors will not give optimal results. There are some primary hacks you might think are updated but it’s not true at all. Fundamentals like keyword research, updating meta tags properly, local SEO, link building will never change.

SEO Hacks You Aren’t Aware In 2021. Let’s find out about them!

Page Experience Affects Your Rankings Now

After May Update 2021, page experience gets most of the websites out of the top ranking game of Google. Google algorithm gives an extra priority to user experience now. If a user is not able to surf your website easily, then it can become a major drawback for your SEO rankings. 

You might think keeping a website secure, mobile-friendly, easy browsing is enough. For making your page experience optimal, try to enhance your website loading speed, user input interaction, or visual stability. These are major factors that can change the whole ranking game for you now. Now without creating non accelerated mobile pages for various websites you can still get featured in top stories.

Make Your Website Optimize For Voice Search

Voice Searches is a new trend on various search engines. After the development of different virtual assistants like google voice search, Alexa or many more voice searches become popular day by day. Ranking for voice searches on Google can be a real challenge as compared to traditional SEO text searchings. 

Voice searching keywords can be more vast which makes it difficult for any website’s SEO rankings. We recommend trying to optimize it according to new trends of voice searches to generate revenue four times more than your current sales. Hiring the Best Digital marketing Agency in Delhi can increase your brand visibility through voice searching.

Increase Traffic With Video Marketing

Nowadays most websites try to generate blog posts or landing pages related to trending topics that can rank them over different keywords to attract more and more traffic. But users are searching more for non textual content, meaning infographics or video content embedded in the blog post content.

You can also create youtube videos for your blog,business or channel to get more visitors to your content. More “How To” tutorials can rank you higher in the videos featured snippets. Once users start finding your videos interesting or relevant there will be no comeback.

Indexing Mobile Version Of Websites First

A few years back, Google used to index the desktop version first as most of the users were browsing internet websites through desktops or laptops. But after the increasing use of mobile phones among various generations Google makes it necessary for people to optimize the mobile version of a website. 

A mobile-friendly website or interface can give more authority to various search engines. Now Google indexes first index your website’s mobile version by default. 

It will improve your website rankings or give you more authority over mobile devices if all the mobile indexing of your website goes smoothly.

UX SEO Helps You In Achieving Rankings For Small Business

Traditional SEO only deals with the aspects like keywords, backlinks, meta tags, or many more. But now, it is much more than that.  Development, designing, or content writing can double your existing visitors or revenue. UX SEO is one of them. 

It means that you design or develop your website to engage the customers for a longer amount of time. UX SEO helps you in achieving better customer engagement. Various websites see a huge hike in their customer growth which is why UX optimization is a game changer these days.

Use More Micro Data Or Feature Snippet To Get More Traffic

Google has introduced a new feature called a featured snippet. Featured snippets help users to get fast results for their query as well as try to maintain maximum visitors on the google search engine. Featured snippets featuring different kinds of content like skincare, food, videos, news, or many more.

If you have done proper on-page SEO for your webpage or a decent amount of traffic then you can be featured any time on Google. It will boost your click-through rate as well as attract visitors because you will be shown on the top of the search engine.


Coming to an end with the changing google algorithms everyday you need to prepare for various challenges to be in the top SEO game. Only reading the latest articles will not help you.You need to comprehend all the important facts or updates that must be made in your website to get maximum results. The best digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you in achieving maximum exposure online.


Is SEO still relevant in 2021?

Yes, SEO is still a game changer in 2021 for attaining huge traffic or visitors. You cannot deny the power of digital marketing. To achieve long term results for your small business try to implement every single optimal SEO technique.

What are the latest SEO updates that help in getting maximum results?

The regular updates or latest changes by the Google algorithm push you to experiment more with SEO. Like you can first optimize all the site core web vitals with well-researched keywords. Writing unique content articles with proper embedded keywords  helps you in higher rankings

Is Local SEO dead?

Not at all. Local SEO helps you in gaining more CTR on google maps results.It  will rank your business map to get more customer reviews.

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