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With bitcoin being at its all-time high, it has created quite a buzz all around the market and for all the right reasons. The skyrocketed price for a single coin has compelled everyone to dig into what the fuss is all about. When it comes to crypto, you are surrounded by a million pros such as decentralization, unparalleled security, confidential payments, easy transactions, and whatnot, making it totally worth all the hype.

The industry, among many others, in which the digital currency has spurred a storm is automobiles, as many companies have started dealing with cars in exchange for crypto. People are getting more and more interested in making an easy car purchase without dealing with the hassle of a whopping amount of cash. While many car dealerships were already dealing in this currency, given the price Bitcoins have reached in 2021, it’s the best time to purchase your favorite car. Here are 6 cars that you can easily purchase using cryptocurrency.

  1. Tesla

Tesla has been making rounds at the press with its announcement of accepting cryptocurrency in exchange for its vehicles, and it’s hardly news to anyone anymore. Tesla, the electric automaker, bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and took everyone by surprise. While it is certainly not the only company dealing with Bitcoins, it sure has become one of the most notable and popular one amongst all.

While the company has just recently begun dealing in crypto, the case first appeared in the year 2013, when a man from Florida purchased a Tesla S for 91.4 Bitcoins which was equivalent to about $113,000 at the time. This appeared to be a rare case for the company that usually deals with online sales with direct transactions instead of conventional dealerships. The same amount is now more than $5.7 million.

  1. Lamborghini urus

Lamborghini is one of the most premium luxury sports cars, which keeps the aesthetics and performance in the most beautiful forms of harmony. It’s known to have the outstanding functionality of an SUV blended into the soul of a sports car. The best part is that a Lamborghini urus for sale can now be purchased with cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. During the historic bull run of Bitcoin, Lamborghini introduced itself to the race and tied its shares to the price of Bitcoins as well. It is usually recommended first to convert your bitcoins into USD for payment, or else you might end up paying a lot more than what the car actually stands for. Otherwise, it really is a gamble, and it all boils down to how you play it. If a Lamborghini Urus has been a car you’ve been following for a long time, consider this a sign to step ahead and make your purchase.

  1. Toyota Prius

Most of you might not know, but one of the very first cars purchased by Bitcoins was a Toyota Prius. The car was owned by Michael Tozoni back in 2013 when Bitcoins were instead suffering from a volatile year when the car was being shelled out at 1000 BTC. Three months before purchasing the vehicle, Tozoni had purchased a decent amount of cryptocurrency with Bitcoins valuing up to $10 per coin. By February, the currency surged up to a value of $22 when he met a private dealer in Florida, willing to make a deal for the Prius at 1000 BTC, making a total of about $22,000. By the end of the same year, the car’s worth had increased multiple folds, reaching $120,000.

Today that just makes a tiny drop in the ocean as 1000 BTC values more than $63 million today.

Mr. Tozoni might be experiencing a bit of tough luck at this point; considering the value Bitcoins have reached today, together with the cyber security services being in full swing, you still have time. If you’ve liked Prius since always, we guess it is the perfect time for you to make your dream purchase with the coins.

  1. Nissan Sentra

Nissan is one of the biggest names in the automobile industry and has built a great reputation for its quality and performance. While it has made sure to keep up with the industry trends, it sure wasn’t one to stay behind when it came to dealing with cryptocurrency either. Instead, it holds one of the most interesting stories about its first dealership in crypto. It’s first private party transaction against Bitcoins didn’t happen for a luxury supercar but a fifth-generation Nissan Sentra. Back in 2014, the deal closed in New Hampshire for the vehicle being paid 2.3 Bitcoins. At that time, these couple of coins held a value of $2000. In today’s time, it makes $145,541.93, which can be generously used to get a relatively expensive car.

Being in the business since 2014, they offer the mode of payment for all their buyers. You can get your favorite Nissan car through Bitcoins today.

  1. BMW

BMW is a brand that doesn’t require any necessary introduction. Many of us hold it as our dream car, and the company gives us all the reasons for that. If you haven’t purchased a BMW yet, we supposed it is the perfect time for that, as many of the brand’s dealerships are now accepting Bitcoins as payments. Dealers in the U.S and UK offer this lucrative mode of payment to open sales to new markets. And it’s not just the top-end model that is open for purchase; you can buy 3 series, 5 series, and even M series BMW cars against crypto. With the incredible value for money that the car offers with its power, reliability, and performance, purchasing it now might end up being one of the best decisions of your life.


Cryptocurrency has been taking the world by storm, and there’s no way it is going to be held back in the future. Your car is one of your most valuable assets, and therefore, one must be extremely careful with investing in it. Cryptocurrency presents itself is the best option to hold on to for making your most important purchases.

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