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Retail Execution Reporting is the most active and attractive sector for last few decades. Since the onset of computers in retailing from recent years, retail executives, managers, and professionals have been challenged to find the most effective way to report information. Writing Reporting is a complex issue since many factors must be considered.

Each retailer needs to oversee items, providers, channels and clients. A retail organization must ask itself what role each of its functional business areas has in managing these entities? How does merchandising, planning, store operations, finance, supply chain management and marketing measure success and failure?

How does every one of these aspects identify recurring problems and uncover opportunities? What action does each area take upon learning of outstanding or disappointing performance, or whenever issues or opportunities are uncovered?

A Retail Execution Reporting gives data on staple retailing, food retailing, food retailing, textile retailing, retail banking, electrical retailing, energy retailing etc. It gives bits of knowledge on item and market trends, analysis, opportunities, projections, sales, marketing strategies, market segmentation and its size development in the domestic and global markets.

These days’ retailers face issue with expanded items, lack of inventory calculations, unutilized spaces, problems in identifying consumer purchasing behaviour and making marketing decisions etc.

To discover an answer for above issues, IT systems are very good at transforming raw operational data into information. Information is a vital building block for business insight; however data alone doesn’t create any advantages.

Excel is the simplest and effective tool used for making calculations and performing one time analysis. These days the majority of the retailers’ uses excel in some capacity as data repository. Taking action from insight often also drives business processes such as ordering; cancelling or revising orders, inter store transfers, price promotions, clearance mark downs,

allocations, replenishment, and assortment planning, in season plan revisions, supply chain optimization, and price optimization. A portion of the statistical software, SAS and SPSS, provide a complete, comprehensive and integrated platform for data analysis, including answers for information joining, analytics and forecasts.

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