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However, breathing exercises have a relieve stress function and play a major role in a successful long-term diet.

After reading this article, you will be able to deal with stress better by adopting breathing techniques, and you will be able to lead your diet to a more successful diet!

Can you succeed in dieting with breathing?

I would be happy if I could succeed in dieting only by breathing, but in general it is considered to be quite difficult to lose weight just by breathing.

However, if you can practice breathing and reduce stress, you will be able to succeed in your diet.

The breathing method itself has no diet effect

Weight gain or loss is determined by the balance between calorie intake from diet and calorie consumption from exercise.

We lose weight when we refrain from eating and the calorie intake is less than the calorie intake, or when we increase exercise and the calorie intake exceeds the calorie intake.

Depending on how you breathe, it can be difficult to significantly increase calories burned just by breathing. You may have heard the phrase “inner muscles are trained” and “build muscles to increase basal metabolism”.

However, it takes a long time to devise breathing and gain muscle mass.

In addition, muscle accounts for only about 20% of the organs where basal metabolism takes place, and the rest is done in organs such as the liver, brain, and heart.

Breathing supports dieting

It may be difficult to lose weight with the breathing method itself, but practicing the breathing method will Fildena 150 and Fildena Super Active improve your intimate life and tendency to gain weight.

The breathing method can be expected to work to relieve stress and regulate the autonomic nerves.

This stress-relieving function plays a role in supporting the diet.

That’s because stress has a big influence on why we get fat.

Why do we get fat? Relationship between stress and obesity

Stress can make it difficult for us to control our appetite.

Not only that, it can also make it easier for fat to build up in our bodies.

I will explain the mechanism by which stress causes obesity one by one.

Fat is stored by chronic stress

When exposed to chronic stress, the human body stores fat.

In modern times, many people are exposed to chronic stress at work.

When exposed to chronic stress, the body begins to store energy in the body in preparation for the next battle. When you are constantly feeling stress, stress hormones are secreted, making it easier for you to store fat in your body.

In the hunting era, you can consume this stored energy by escaping or fighting foreign enemies. However, in modern times there are not many opportunities Cenforce 150 and Vilitra for physical activity that consumes these energies.

Appetite increases when stress is felt

Hormones are also thought to be related to the phenomenon of overeating when stress is felt.

When stressed, the hormones that suppress appetite decrease, while the hormones that make you feel hungry can increase.

Therefore, it is difficult to feel satisfaction and it is thought that hunger will be caused.

If you lose your appetite and eat too much, you tend to blame your weakness. But the problem may not be the will, but the hormonal changes caused by stress. Lack of sleep due to stress leads to increased appetite and decreased metabolism.

If you feel strong tension or anxiety, you may not be able to fall asleep or sleep lightly, but lack of sleep also makes it easier for you to gain weight. A short sleep means a long time awake, so the body must have more energy for activity.

As a result, the body encourages eating more by increasing the hormones that stimulate appetite and reducing the hormones that suppress appetite.

In addition, lack of sleep also leads to a decrease in basal metabolic rate.

During sleep, the human body secretes growth hormone, which increases metabolism.

On the other hand, if you lack sleep, growth hormone will not be secreted smoothly, and your metabolism will not be successful, making you more likely to gain weight.

Thus, stress has a great deal to do with weight gain. If stress is left unattended, not only is it difficult to control appetite, but it remains easy to gain weight and lose weight. Dealing with stress well is the key to a successful diet.

Relieve daily stress with breathing exercises and lead your diet to success!

It is desirable to reduce stress as much as possible in order to go on a diet, but even so, stress is often due to the external environment, so it is not easy.

In such a case, I would like you to try the breathing method.

The relaxation effect of the breathing method relieves stress

Breathing is a widely used method of relaxation.

There are two types of breathing methods, “chest breathing” and “abdominal breathing”, and the breathing we usually do is called chest breathing.

Chest breathing is short, shallow breathing that allows the sympathetic nerves to work predominantly.

Therefore, when you are feeling tired or stressed, chest breathing may further increase your body tension.

On the other hand, abdominal breathing is thought to give the parasympathetic nerves a predominant function and provide a relaxing effect.

Regular abdominal breathing may help alleviate the unfavorable effects of stress.

Relaxing abdominal breathing

Here, we will introduce a simple method of abdominal breathing.

If you intentionally relax your body when you exhale, you can relax your body more and expect a relaxing effect.

It is also recommended to perform abdominal breathing in situations where you feel anxiety or tension.


There is a deep relationship between stress and obesity, and in order to lose weight in a healthy way, you must deal with stress well.

Breathing has the effect of relieving stress and balancing the autonomic nerves.

By practicing the abdominal breathing introduced in this article, you will feel relaxed and relieve the effects of stress. Please practice breathing in your daily life and lead your diet to success.

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