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The year 2019 proved a big one for the Beauty Products and skincare industry. The market experienced tremendous changes after Unilever’s $500M purchase of J Beauty company.  Shiseido’s highly anticipated $845M acquisition of Drunk Elephant added fuel to the fire.

The next year came with many questions, such as whether the Beauty Products and skincare industry can survive this pandemic. Despite many concerns, this industry somehow survived.

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Beauty products have proven to be a profitable investment thanks to high-margins, purchase patterns, and high demand. This category is an attraction to all generations.

No matter what product consumers need, they like to order it online with one click. The same is true for beauty products. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the most profitable online beauty products ideas.

Best Beauty Products Ideas to Sell Online

The global online Beauty Product market generated approximately $35.32 billion in 2019. With an expected rise to $238.5 by 2029, this industry is now the center of attention for many companies.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable products with high profit margins.

Shimmer Nail Paint

The estimated size of the global nail polish market was $9.84 billion, with an expected increase of $10.77 billion by 2022. This huge market size makes this beauty product first on our list. These nail paints are available in a wide range. From colors to texture, all types of shimmer nail paints are ruling the market.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss

A wide range of lipsticks are available such as matte, satin, powder, shimmer, and so on. The variety of shades enables customers to choose the best one for their style and skin tone.

Recently, organic and herbal lipsticks are gaining popularity for the benefits they offer. This fast-growing product is perfect for starting a wholesale Makeup Business.

Fake Eyelashes

According to the Grand View Research report (2019), the false eyelashes market is expected to hit $1.6 billion by 2025. According to Google Trends, the search for fake eyelashes is growing steadily. Both glue and magnetic eyelashes have become an integral part of makeup.

Foundation and Base

Increasing awareness of beauty products contributed to the development of the make-up foundation and base industry.

Today, not only women but also men use different foundations to protect their skin.   They are available in different tones and customer purchase as per their body tone. The craze to get a fair and glowing skin led to the development of this product.

Makeup Brushes and Tools

In developed countries like North America, UK, and Australia, demand for refined and hygienic makeup brushes and tools is exploding.

Increased demand for these makeup tools among youngsters also influenced the wholesale brushes and makeup tools market. Currently, the major demand for organic and natural makeup tools and brushes has opened the path of innovation for many Wholesale Marketplace.

Hand Creams

An increase in awareness regarding handwash and moisturizing played a vital role in the growth of hand creams industry.

During COVID-19, the use of hand sanitizer also influenced the hand cream market. People now use different hand moisturizers to prevent dry skin.

Foot Care Lotions

The foot care lotions enjoy a huge share of revenue in the industry.  These lotions help keep the feet soft

Since these lotions are popular among the masses with no gender or age discrimination, you can hit a large audience.

Final Words

Beauty products are expected to see a different online landscape in 2021.

Aside from selling the above-mentioned products, we recommend doing your own research, analyzing the trends, and assessing your competitors. With this information, you are ready to fly.

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