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The medlar fruit with an ovoid appearance, its skin tone is orange, and its pulp can vary in orange and yellow tones, its flavor is aromatic and sweet, very similar to that of an apple and a pear, but more acidic.

In order to eat it, it must be completely ripe and fresh, it does not soften, it can go through a process of freezing and subsequent storage. The tree is known as the medlar, and can reach up to 18 m in height.

It has a trunk that is tall, cylindrical and thick, which grows erect and elegant, in relation to its leaves, they are elliptical and bright green, in the case of the flowers, these are white and small with fine stems in the base of each leaf.

How is the medlar preserved and eaten?

The collection of loquats occurs in the months of April and May. After these fresh fruits have been collect, they do not have to have a bad smell or a bad appearance, since they have to have a skin with a uniform and orange tone.

This has to be chosen as it matures, it cannot yiel to pressure and its pulp has to be firm. The medlar must be eaten ripe so that it is not acidic, because in this case it causes ingestion.

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To be able to consume it, it has to be peel, this is very simple because it is enough to withdraw the pendulum in a downward direction so that the skin can be cleared, the best way to benefit from its flavor is to consume it fresh, due to its high amounts of pectin , It is ideal for preparing desserts or accompanying some meats.

If you want to get them to maturity in advance. They can be wrapp in aluminum and then stored in an hour in the freezer. With the intention of subsequently consuming it the next day, or keeping it in the least cold area of ​​the refrigerator.

Benefits Medlar fruit

Among the health benefits of the medlar we find:

Because it is rich in fiber, it is ideal for controlling both cholesterol and diabetes.

It is a diuretic fruit, since it is rich in potassium and organic acid, beneficial for those who have hypertension or uric acid calculation problems.

The extract of its leaves are ideal for treating bronchitis, due to ursolic acid and triterpenes.

It is rich in pectin, a fiber that serves to eliminate both waste and toxins in the body, also producing satiety, being useful for weight loss diets.

It contains beto-carotene that helps reduce the risk of degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

Due to its high content of iron, magnesium, calcium and copper, it prevents anemia and improves bone health.

It is high in sugar, carotenes and fibers, they are recommend for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, as well as protecting the digestive mucosa and to treat heartburn and gastritis.

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Two types stand out, these are Japanese and Chinese, in the case of the first one this contains many seeds and its maturity period is early, unlike the second, which has more seeds and a late maturity. Among the varieties that exist, we find:

Algerie: it is small in size, its taste is bittersweet and its skin is yellow.

Tanaka: its ripening is late, requiring more sunlight than other varieties, its fruits are large and its flavor is sweet and aromatic.

Golden nuggest: its fruits are rounded, with a dark orange skin with brown spots, the pulp is sweet and acid.

Plush medlar: it is large with an elongat shape, its skin is characteriz by being a pale yellow color, and its pulp is sweeter and juicier.


Among the curiosities that this tropical fruit has are:

The Japanese give this fruit as a sign of deep respect or as a congratulation.

Medlar fruit is the first stone fruit that was market in spring.

They are recommend for weight loss diets, due to their low calorie and sodium content, and also high fiber content.

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