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IPhones today have become the yardstick to measure one’s success, at least in the eyes of the general populace. 

Considering we spend top dollar to purchase the latest iPhone model, is purchasing extended warranty for the product worthwhile?

It is true that today, there are consumers that prefer spending exorbitant amounts to own a premium device, even if it is meant to be just a status symbol. 

When we talk about premium laptops, smartwatches or smartphones, the first company we think of is Apple. 

Over the past decade, Apple has built its reputation as the most disruptive company in the tech world. When the company first launched the iPhone over a decade ago, few could have imagined the tech giant to have as big of an impact on the smartphone industry as it has had over the last 13 odd years.

Today, Apple is synonymous with excellence, and the iPhone, to many, is synonymous with success. Furthermore, Apple devices are considered to be extremely sturdy and reliable, and the iPhone is no different. 

While the smartphone itself has set the benchmark for durability and reliable operation, should one opt for an extended warranty? Considering the fact that iPhones are premium devices, and are thus expensive, should iPhone owners seriously consider purchasing extended warranties?

Upon purchasing an iPhone, Apple provides a standard limited warranty for one year, which provides coverage against damages resulting from manufacturing defects. 

Before you contemplate purchasing an extended warranty, you can perform an Apple warranty check by visiting the Apple Support page. 

You then have to enter the serial number of your iPhone, after which you can check the status of the brand warranty. 

The iPhone warranty check lets you know about the status of Apple’s warranty, and if you need to purchase the extended warranty soon.

Should you opt for AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is Apple’s extended warranty program, which you can purchase within 60 days of purchasing the iPhone. 

The Apple warranty extension is usually valid for one year after the expiration of the standard limited warranty, and by paying an additional amount; you can also get accidental damage coverage for two incidents in a year, for broken screen and other damages. 

Furthermore, AppleCare+ also extends the coverage to repair accessories, including the earphones and the iPhone charger. 

However, Apple’s extended warranty for mobiles, as one would expect, comes at a premium price.

Considering the fact that iPhones are more expensive than most of the other premium smartphones, it would be a wise choice to invest in an extended warranty. 

You could either opt for AppleCare+, or go for a third-party service, which comes with its own benefits.

Benefits of third-party warranty

Third-party warranties not only provide the same benefits as AppleCare+, but they also offer comprehensive year-long protection, providing coverage against accidental damages, theft or loss of iPhone. 

Furthermore, unlike AppleCare+, third-party companies also offer free doorstep pick-up and delivery of the iPhone. 

Additionally, while AppleCare+ charges consumers a fixed amount of Rs. 4,500 per year, it does not give consumers any service assurance. AppleCare+ also does not offer screen protection or damage protection plans, which can be availed through a third-party warranty extension.

Thus, it is important for consumers to weigh the benefits against the cost of extended warranties, and given the fact that iPhones are generally more expensive, it is recommended that iPhone users invest in extended warranty for mobiles. 

One can make a calculated decision when it comes to purchasing the extended warranty, either in the form of AppleCare+, or from a third-party service.


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