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1 Find a solution
Find a solution to properly manage negative reviews
Did something go wrong?

Not all mistakes are bad, it’s how you deal with them that can be.

If the error came from you or from one of your providers, it is recommended that you always seek to resolve the problem.

Acknowledge their frustration and disappointment and apologize.

Don’t put the blame on someone else. And at the risk of repeating myself: never blame the customer. It is the worst thing you can do.

The damage is done. But that doesn’t mean the solution is impossible.

Again, an apology, why not combine it with compensation, works wonders.

If for some reason there is no workaround or the problem is not yours, then keep the response short and sweet.

Show your understanding and show that it upsets you if you don’t satisfy a customer.

In this case, briefly state your point of view clearly and objectively (without attack).

Then let it be known that unfortunately you cannot provide more help.

2 Avoid provoking a conflict
Often there is a whole history before one of your customers publishes their bad experience.

The customer feels misunderstood and treated (rightly or wrongly) and then their personal goal is to blacken you.

With such clients, there is not much to do.

Proactively offer a solution at an early stage, even if it may not necessarily be legally necessary.

In many cases, it is less costly for your online business to incur certain costs to satisfy a customer, rather than costs resulting from a legal dispute.

Again, never go on the offensive even with incorrect advice.

Prospective customers would rather see that you put yourself above the conflict rather than want to win at all costs.

3 Encourage review sharing
Always encourage review sharing
Fortunately, you probably have a lot more satisfied customers than dissatisfied customers.

On the other hand, an unhappy customer is much more likely to leave a review of their own accord.

It is therefore very important to encourage all your customers to share their experience .

For example, add a note in your package asking the customer to leave a review, suggest it during checkout …

Better yet, systematize it in your customer journey.

Why not send an email to the customer a week after receiving their order to ask for their opinion.

In this way, your customer will remember their experience, but also your product or service offering. In most cases, you get a positive review at the same time.

Kill 2 birds with one stone!

And remember that good service is the best Marketing!

Audrey: Thank you Margot for this contribution. That’s right, negative reviews can actually have a positive effect on your bottom line. It’s only how you manage them that makes the difference.
Conclusion on how to deal with negative reviews
All companies necessarily go through this.

The more traction you have, the more “chance” you have of receiving negative reviews.

This is not serious in itself.

It is important to show that you are paying attention to your customers’ comments and complaints.

An unhappy customer is more likely to leave a review than one who is satisfied.

So do not hesitate to remind all your customers to leave a review on your store. Comprehensive and diverse reviews show you are a reliable business.

Don’t wait too long to respond to a negative review. The faster you respond, the better.

Your unhappy customer will likely be pleasantly surprised. And it’ll reassure any potential customers who read your response by showing that you care about your customers.

To do this, equip yourself, if necessary, with a notification management system with alerts to be able to respond to notifications and display total transparency.

Finally, all this activity around reviews also strengthens your local natural referencing .

To sum up in 3 questions
How to remove a bad customer review?
It is not possible to delete, only the customer can modify or delete the notice. However, be aware that 68% of consumers trust a site that has both bad and good reviews. It’s just about learning how to deal with negative reviews.

What is the point of customer reviews?
Customer reviews from an online store are very important to the consumer. Customer reviews show your company’s quality of service. Don’t hesitate to invite your customers to leave a review after each order, and of course respond to reviews when they are negative. All opinions are good to take.

How to respond to a negative review?
Slogan, always respond to a negative opinion. In your response, be understanding, do not attack, show that you are looking for a solution. If there are no solutions, apologize. Thus, you reflect that you take your service to heart, like any good entrepreneur.

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