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Saying yes to the man of your dreams is a weird feeling, you feel happy but nervous at the same time. But you sure feel hopeful for the future, and you cannot wait to start living your life with your soulmate. There will be an Engagement Party and lots of celebration honouring you two.

Innovative Surprises Idea for Your Engagement

But I know that you and your partner are dying to do something special to make this day remarkable and memorable. You want to convey all the feelings and emotions you are feeling as you begin this new chapter to your partner, without saying so much. And you can make small gestures like singing a song for him at the party or giving him something. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but sweet and kind gestures that show your care and respect towards them is enough.

If you are scratching your head for ideas, don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s look at some ideas to make this day even more exciting.

1. Plan a movie night

Instead of a traditional Engagement party, you can have a movie night. Rent a venue in the outdoors and set up a movie projector. You can opt for couches, chairs, or mattresses on the floor with blankets for a more cosy feel. Rent a classic movie and enjoy the movie with your partner and friends and family.

You can take it up a notch by first playing a movie about you two. Create a slideshow using Canva which shows pictures and videos of you enjoying life individually and then together as a couple. It is a delightful way to start an engagement party, and it will make your partner emotional as well.

Lastly, make sure you have a gift box with all the favourite snacks, drinks, and candies and tissues and so on. You can have a dinner party later in the same venue. It is different and so much fun.

2. Engage people with your story

Every couple who is walking down the aisle, whether it is love marriage or arrange has some story. So, why not take this opportunity to surprise your guest with a fun and emotional story of how you met? Include the incident when you felt a connection with each other and decided to settle down. Make sure to incorporate the memory of the time when you had a fight or felt lost and how you two found your way back to each other.

3. Surprise them with an outing

A one-day trek or a weekend getaway sounds fun. It is exciting, and your partner will appreciate it a lot because planning an engagement party and a marriage after it may keep you two apart for long. So, this gives you some time to enjoy each other’s company.

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4. A disco party

You can have an adult-only disco party to celebrate your engagement some more. Hire a place and a DJ and get crazy. Free your inner child and dance your heart out disco style.

5. A picnic

An engagement party doesn’t have to be traditional and a black-tie event. Do something different by renting a park, or have it in your backyard if you can. Decorate the trees with balloons and streamers, have a table set-up with mini flags and put your sauces condiments, and beer in a basket.

Have some swings for the kids, live music, and just enjoy a splendid meal with everyone you love.

6. Express your feelings through a song

At times words are not enough to express the love and gratitude we feel. So, you can express it through a song which your partner loves.

7. A costume party

Give your engagement party a bit of humour by asking all your guests to dress up at the famous couple. It will be a fun experience, and you will enjoy every minute of this quirky theme. Your desserts and dinner items can also have a name based on movies, it sounds cheesy, but it will be a memorable night.

8. Sunset sail party

Have a party on a ship. Invite close friends and family, exchange rings, have a conversation, enjoy champagne and watch the sun go down. Nothing is better than watching nature with everyone you love.

Have a happy Engagement! Enjoy your day and make the most out of it with these tips.

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