How to Get from Delhi to Agra?

Delhi to Agra distance is only about 200 miles. Any international traveler to Agra will land in New Delhi and then take a flight to Agra, where they will spend the night. Agra can be reached from Delhi in various ways, all of which will be discussed in-depth in this article.

You may get to Agra via plane.

Agra’s domestic airport is around seven kilometers from the city’s heart. Delhi International Airport is the closest to Agra in terms of international airports. There are multiple flights from Delhi to Agra each day. Agra’s airport is a military airstrip that allows commercial traffic during the busiest times of the year. From New Delhi to Agra, only flights operated by Air India can be taken. Depending on the weather, traveling by air from New Delhi to Agra might take less than an hour. Flights from Varanasi to Agra are available, although they add time to the trip.

Reach Agra by Trains

Rail lines connect Agra to Delhi, making it easy to get there. Within the municipal borders of Agra is the Raja ki Mandi, Agra Cantonment, and Agra Fort stations, which are all located within walking distance of one another. The Agra Cantt or Agra Cantonment station is the most well-known of the three. Local, super-fast, semi-luxury, chair car executive and luxury trains are all available on the Agra-Delhi route.

• Gatimaan Express

The 12050 Gatimaan Express is the fastest train from Delhi to Agra, arriving in under an hour and forty minutes.

New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express

Reach Agra Buses
Idgah is the city of Agra’s principal bus station. Buses arrive at this terminal from all around the country, notably from Delhi. The Taj Express Highway connects Delhi with Agra, a distance of 233.1 kilometers and a travel time of 3 hours and 38 minutes. At a distance from the city’s major attractions lay the ISBT bus station, another option in Agra. Taj Mahal is just 8 kilometers distant from the Idgah depot, but the ISBT is 12 kilometers away.

A bus ride to Agra will take you a little over two hours at the most. Both government and private luxury buses are readily available. As a rule of thumb, buses that operate between the hours of 6 am and 12 pm tend to be less expensive than those that operate between the hours of 1 pm and midnight. The general public’s desire for these products is to blame. Agra and New Delhi are connected by around 70 buses each day.

Reach Agra by Cab
There are cabs available from any section of the city of New Delhi to Agra at all times of the year. A new Taj Expressway connects Delhi to Agra via the NH2 route. Cost per kilometer invoices is also available from some taxis. An average of INR 22 per kilometer is charged, which works out to a total Delhi to Agra distance of 214 kilometers.

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